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Starter Kit

Starter Indoor and Outdoor Kit
    • 1 x Evo Indoor HD Wi-Fi Camera
    • 1 x Outdoor HD Pro Camera
    • 2 x Free Security Stickers
    • FREE 7 day video cloud storage1
    • Safe and Secure
    • Relevant Notifications
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Starter Kit

- 1 x Evo Indoor HD Wi-Fi Camera
- 1 x Outdoor HD Pro Camera
- 2 x Free Security Stickers

Quick and easy to setup HD security cameras, Y-cam Evo/Outdoor HD Pro lets you see and hear what's happening at your home or business from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.

It’s perfect for watching entrances, pets and minding your loved ones anytime of the day or night. Y-cam Evo/Outdoor HD Pro instantly alerts you when motion is detected. Watch live or review your last 7 days’ of recordings which are securely stored in your cloud account, safe from theft. Unlike other cloud cameras, storage is FREE for 1 year. Add as many indoor and outdoor cameras as you like and manage them from one account.

FREE Cloud Recording

FREE 7 day video cloud storage1

Save the clips that matter. Every movement detected during the last 7 days is recorded and stored in your secure online account, ready to view free of charge, for 1 year.

1 One year Free video cloud storage. To continue to access video cloud storage a monthly subscription is required
Quick & Easy Setup

Easy 3 Step Set up

Easy step by step set up. Just download the Y-cam app, plug in the power cable (+ network cable to your main router for Outdoor HD Pro) and set it up from your iOS or Android smartphone. No technical skills necessary.

Personalised Notifications

Motion activated alerts and recordings

See what happens when you are not there. Y-cam detects and notifies your smartphone instantly when motion is detected in your home. Set up your motion recording zone on areas such as doorways and windows; to ensure you're only alerted when it matters.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

See your world from anywhere

Monitor your property from anywhere and at any time on your smartphone using free iOS or Android app. Download our FREE apps from the iOS App Store or Google Play. View your recorded videos and stream live from anywhere at any time, as long as you are connected to the internet.

Home Network Friendly

Home Network Friendly

Y-cam only records when something happens so it doesn’t need to constantly battle for the internet with other connected mobile devices in your home. Enjoy minimal impact on your surfing and download speeds and stay within your data allowance.

Location recording

Location Recording

Automatically deactivates your camera's motion recording when you arrive home, and activates recording when you leave, based on the location of your smartphone. (Compatible with Android 4.4 or later & iOS 8.1 or later. Message will be sent within approx. 100-200m of set location)

On demand

On Demand Recording

Capture that moment; record what you want, when you want at the touch of a button. Just hit record when watching live to capture a moment in time up to five minutes long.

Built to your security needs

Built to your security needs

Monitor multiple locations directly from your smartphone, adding as many cameras to your account as necessary. The Outdoor HD Pro, is weatherproof to IP66 international standards and is perfect for monitoring of outdoor sites, such as driveways and gardens to complete your home security system.

See in the dark

See in the dark

The Y-cam Evo has a high powered infrared LED that comes on automatically at night time to deliver clear night vision for 24-hour surveillance. Experience crisp images in total darkness up to 8m away. The Outdoor HD Pro has powerful infrared LEDs that deliver clear night vision in total darness up to 15m away.

Capture pre event clip footage

Capture pre event clip footage

On-board SmartBuffer technology uses the camera's internal memory to record the moments leading up to the event, giving you the whole story.

Keep recordings permanently

Keep recordings permanently

Download motion activated videos directly to your smartphone from your Y-cam account. Save and send as many videos as you like from the last 7 days.

To set up your Y-cam you will need

Computer Smart Device

A compatible iPhone, iPad or Android device with Bluetooth 4.1
Download the free Y-cam app from iTunes (iOS 9 & above) or Google Play (Android 4.4 & above).
If you would like to set up and monitor your Y-cam Evo with your iPad you will need to download the iPhone app to your iPad.
Bluetooth is only required for Evo, the Outdoor HD Pro requires an available network port on your main router.

Upload Speed Upload Speed

Minimum upload speed of 1 Mbps per camera

Wi-Fi Wi-Fi

Wireless Network with WPA or WPA2 Security running on 2.4 GHz frequency

Network Port Network Port

Available Network Port on your Main Router
(Applicable to Outdoor HD Pro only - needed for initial setup or if Wi-Fi unavailable)

Upload Speed Power over
Ethernet (PoE)

A PoE Injector or Switch that is 802.3af compliant and a minimum 13W power per port.
(optional - applicable to Outdoor HD Pro only)

Evo Dimensions

  • Front
  • Side

HD Pro Dimensions

  • Front
  • Side

x2 FREE Security Stickers

Secure your property with our high quality security stickers. Created using traditional lithographic printing methods and adhesive face, they are designed to serve as a visual deterrant, to be stuck on the inside of your window to ward off potential thieves.


110 x 74mm

Indoor HDS
Indoor HDS
Outdoor HD Pro
Outdoor HD Pro
Image Resolution 720p HD 720p HD 720p HD
Field of View 100° 87° 109°
Night Vision 1 High Powered Infrared LED
Up to 8m
30 Infrared LEDs
Up to 15m
24 Infrared LEDs
Up to 15m
FREE 7 day video cloud storage5 ✔ ✔ ✔
Motion Recordings and Alerts ✔ ✔ ✔
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4Ghz
Network Port ☓ ✔ ✔
PoE (Power over Ethernet) ☓ ☓ ✔1
Mobile Setup2 ✔3 ✔4 ✔4
PC Setup ☓ ✔4 ✔4
Magnetic Stand ✔ ☓ ☓
Camera Dimensions 52 x 52 x 28mm 85 x 110 x 30mm 110 x 65 x 200mm
Camera Weight 49g 150g 410g
Power Output 5V 2A 12V 1A 12V 1A
  • ¹ A PoE Injector or Switch that is 802.3af compliant and a minimum 13W power per port.
  • ² You will need to download the free Y-cam app from iTunes (iOS 8.1 & above) or Google Play (Android 4.4 & above).
  • ³ Bluetooth 4.1 required to setup the Y-cam Evo
  • ⁴ Camera will need to be physically connected to your broadband router using the cable provided during the initial set up process
  • 5 One year Free video cloud storage. To continue to access video cloud storage a monthly subscription is required
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