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Pet Friendly Motion Sensor

Allow you pets to roam freely while the alarm is still activated
    • Pet friendly Y-cam Protect Alarm system sensor
    • Detects motion in your property
    • 110 degree field of view
    • Includes Tamper switch
    • ‘Stick-and-go’ sensor set up
    • Expandable system, add sensors as you like
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  • Tech Specs

Pet Friendly Motion Sensor

The Pet Friendly Motion Sensor performs like a normal motion sensor however it has been designed so that you can have your Y-cam Protect Alarm system on while your pet wanders freely around your home without setting the alarm off. This is perfect for pet owners as it means you can leave your pet at home while you pop out or for longer periods. Pets over 10kgs might still be detected. For best coverage place around 2.3m high with a clear field of view.

Pet Friendly

Pet Friendly

Detects motion in your property, but not pets!
Pet over 10kg might still be detected.



Any unauthorised attempt to remove the sensor will trigger the alarm.

Stick and Go

Stick and Go

Wire-free installation with 'stick-and-go' sensor set up. For the best coverage please place around 2.3m height with a clear field of view.

Expandable System

Expandable System

Tailor the system to your personal needs, add as many sensors and remotes as you like to fully protect what matters to you.

To set up your Pet Friendly
Motion Sensor you will need

Protect Hub Protect Hub

A compatible Y-cam Protect hub

Y-cam App Y-cam App

Y-cam app from iTunes or Google Play

Installation tips

Stable Surface Stable Surface

Position on a flat stable surface

Placement Direction Placement Direction

Please install the correct way up with sensor at the bottom

Avoid Interference Avoid Interference

Do NOT install near other wireless devices

Avoid Damage Avoid Damage

Adhesive tape may damage surface when removed

Heat/Cold Heat/Cold

Do not place near heating/cooling equipment

Avoid Sunlight Avoid Sunlight

Prevent direct sunlight from reaching the sensor

Metal Wall Metal Wall

Avoid facing metal walls

Motion Sensor Placement

Motion Sensor Placement

The motion sensor detects unauthorised movement when the alarm is activated.

For best coverage place around 2.3m high with a clear field of view.

Pet Friendly Motion Sensor

Dimensions (L x W x D)

136 x 60 x 48mm




1x CR123A

Battery Life

Up to 1 year


Indoor use only

PIR Detection Angle

Up to 9M (min 1M-9M) coverage at 110°angle, when placed 2.3M above ground at room temperature (25 degree°C)

IR Distance


Pet Immunity

Max 10kg

Tamper Protection

Yes alert sent to app

Operating Distance

150m in open space

Operating Temperature

-10°C to 60°C

Low Battery alert


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