It couldn’t be easier

Y-cam works straight out of the box, with no recording device required.
Plug in the power, connect to your network and activate your online account,
that’s it – no technical skills necessary!

Everything you
need in the box

No additional recording devices or any other 3rd party hardware required – everything you need to get your Y-cam connected is already in the box.

Total Control

Easily set up daily recording schedules and multiple custom recording zones,
on areas such as doorways and windows; to ensure you’re only alerted when it matters.

Motion detection

Using sophisticated on-camera technology, Y-cam detects motion in its field using custom motion zones to ensure you only get alerted when you want to be.

Smarter Alerts

You can’t always watch your video live so Y-cam instantly alerts you on your smartphone when motion has been detected.

No computer

Unlike webcams or other internet cameras, Y-cam works completely independently and doesn’t require your computer to be left on to work – saving energy and money.

*A computer is required for initial setup only.

Access on the go

Download our FREE apps from the IOS App Store or Google Play. You can control your recording scheduling, receive notifications and alerts; watch recorded clips and a live video feed.

No batteries

There’s no need to worry about your Y-cam running out of power when you need it the most. Y-cam cameras are connected directly to the mains socket so that crucial moment won’t be missed.