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Why we’re different
to other alarm systems


Control your alarm system
from your smartphone

No more wondering if you set the alarm before leaving, or racing out the door to beat the intimidating beeping.

No contracts

Unlike all other alarm companies, we don’t trap you into paying for more than you need.

Stay connected when
internet or power goes down

SIM & battery backup enables
Y-cam Plus members to stay connected even when the power is out.

Why ‘Self-Monitored’ security

There was a time when only 2 types of alarms existed; one was cheap, but noisy and
ignored. The other was secure, but came with costly contracts and call-out fees.
Y-cam's new 'self monitored' security gives you best of both worlds and
puts the control back into your hands.
Bells-Only Alarm
  • 'Bells-Only'

    Often ignored

  • Sounds an external siren when the alarm is activated and provides a visual deterrent. No notifications to homeowner.
    Not suitable for remote locations.
  • Cost & Installation

    Around £900 for 3-bed house.
    Basic security and often ignored as over 90% of alarms are false.
    Not suitable for tenants

  • In the event of an alarm

    No notifications to homeowner.
    Relying on neighbours and passer-by to take action.
    Police respond if an actual break-in seen.

Costs estimates assume a 6 zone alarm system e.g Front Door, Hall, Kitchen, Lounge, Dining Room, Back Door.

Self-Monitored Alarm
  • Self-Monitored

    Smart security, low cost

  • Alarm connected to internet.
    Uses smart home technology to send phone alerts1 & activate cameras1.
    SIM1 & Battery backup when internet and mains power down.
  • Cost & Installation

    Just £750 for 3-bed house !
    Y-cam Plus just £9.99/month.
    Suitable for tenants

  • In the event of an alarm

    Alarm system sends phone alerts1 to homeowner and trusted contact.
    Y-cam's cameras, allow scene to be viewed in real-time.
    Camera footage stored FREE* in the cloud.

Monitored Alarm
  • Monitored

    High Cost, Long Contracts

  • Alarm connected to Response Centre (ARC) by phone line, which can be cut!
    ARC calls owner, key-holders or police.
  • Cost & Installation

    Set up cost £1000 +
    £30/month for 3 years (Total £2850) .
    Alarm system removed at end of contract
    Not suitable for tenants

  • In the event of an alarm

    ARC calls owner and key-holders.
    Police only called if break-in confirmed.
    No notifications from alarm system to homeowner.
    Police response revoked after false alarms

Save £2,300 over 5 years

Y-cam has a proven track-record of being more cost effective and valuable than other alarm systems.
No hidden fees, no contracts and no hassle. Build your own security and cut out the middle-men.
Bells OnlyOften ignored y-cam-logo-blueSelf-MonitoredSmart security, low cost MonitoredHigh cost, contracts
Alarm & Installation £870 £746 £960
Police URN Fee - - £49
Monitoring Fee (Monthly) - - £30
Optional Subscription (Monthly) - £9.99
Y-cam Plus
Dial Charges Callout / Reset Charges (twice a year) - - £150
Maintenance Fee (Annual) £100 - £95
Cost Over 3 Years £1208 £1106
You SAVE £1743
Cost Over 5 Years £1408 £1346 Save £2312 £3658
Our products & how they work
Protect Hub

Protect Hub

Nerve centre for the Alarm
System & controls sensors



Loud & bright, solar-powered intruder deterrent

Indoor Camera

Indoor Camera

Small and discreet camera for inside your home

Outdoor Camera

Outdoor Camera

Weatherproof camera for the outside of your home

Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor

Detects motion from up to 12m away with 90° FOV

Access Sensor

Access Sensor

Secure potential access points such as doors

Tailor your security
around your needs

An easy-to-use family of smart products that connect your home to you. Spend more time enjoying life and less time worrying about safety.
You can contact our team of advisers using the 'Contact us' pop-up below and they will help you select exactly what you need. Alternatively you can go straight to our online shop, select the alarm system and add any further sensors, a siren and cameras as required. And don't forget Y-cam Protect Plus for the a higher level of security. There's a simple flat fee of just £9.99 per month for any size of alarm system.

Y-cam Plus

Super-power your Y-cam security to get the
most out of your Y-cam alarm and cameras.​

Build your own security

Designed around an intelligent hub so you
can easily add extra sensors at any time.
Build your own security

Security cameras

Y-cam has you covered with cameras
that integrate with our alarm system
Security cameras

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