About Y-cam Protect

Crime is a fact of life today. At Y-cam, we know the real
cost of burglary is not just what is taken, but the turmoil that follows.

Why we're different to all other alarm systems


Easily set it up yourself

Easy wire-free set up with 'stick and go' sensor set up. No running wires, no drilling holes and no technical knowledge or installers needed.

Control your alarm system from your smartphone

No more wondering if you set the alarm before leaving, or racing out the door to beat the intimidating beeping.
No contracts

No contracts
& call-out fees

Unlike all other alarm companies, we don’t trap you into paying for more than you need. Just build your security and you’re done.

Stay connected when
internet or power goes down

SIM & battery backup enables Y-cam Plus members to stay connected even when the power is out.

Why ‘Self-Monitored’ security

There was a time when only 2 types of alarms existed; one was cheap, but noisy and
ignored. The other was secure, but came with costly contracts and call-out fees.
Y-cam's new 'self monitored' security gives you best of both worlds and
puts the control back into your hands.
Bells-Only Alarm
  • 'Bells-Only'

    Often ignored

  • Sounds an external siren when the alarm is activated and provides a visual deterrent. No notifications to homeowner.
    Not suitable for remote locations.
  • Cost & Installation

    Usually installed by professionals at around £900 for 3-bed house.
    Basic security and often ignored as over 90% of alarms are false.
    Not suitable for tenants

  • In the event of an alarm

    No notifications to homeowner.
    Relying on neighbours and passer-by to take action.
    Police respond if an actual break-in seen.

Costs estimates assume a 6 zone alarm system e.g Front Door, Hall, Kitchen, Lounge, Dining Room, Back Door.

Self-Monitored Alarm
  • Self-Monitored

    Smart security, low cost

  • Alarm connected to internet.
    Uses smart home technology to send phone alerts* & activate cameras*.
    SIM & Battery backup when internet and mains power down*.
  • (Insert icons) Cost & Installation

    Designed for self-install.
    Just £375 for 3-bed house !
    Y-cam Plus just £9.99/month.
    Suitable for tenants

  • In the event of an alarm

    Alarm system send phone alerts* to homeowner and trusted contact.
    Y-cam's cameras, allow scene to be viewed in real-time.
    Camera footage stored FREE in the cloud**.

*Y-cam Plus service required
** 7 days footage stored free for 3 years

Monitored Alarm
  • Monitored

    High Cost, Long Contracts

  • Alarm connected to Response Centre (ARC) by phone line, which can be cut!
    ARC calls owner, key-holders or police.
  • Cost & Installation

    Professionally installed at £750 +
    £30/month for 3 years (Total £1,780) .
    Alarm system removed at end of contract
    Not suitable for tenants

  • In the event of an alarm

    ARC calls owner and key-holders.
    Police only called if break-in confirmed.
    No notifications from alarm system to homeowner.
    Police response revoked after false alarms

Save £2,500 over 5 years

Y-cam has a proven track-record of being more cost effective and valuable than other alarm systems.
No hidden fees, no contracts and no hassle. Build your own security and cut out the middle-men.


Why we need better Home Security

Concern about crime, terrorism and social disorder but few
affordable effective security options for homeowners and

2,260 Burglaries a day
2,260 reported burglaries a day in UK
​(825k /yr of 26.5m households)

Old, Ineffective & Expensive
‘Bells Only’ alarm systems are ineffective (sirens ignored, police
won’t respond) and monitored alarm systems are too expensive
for most with 3-5 year contracts, annual maintenance charges, call out fees etc. Less then 3% of UK households have a
monitored alarm

​Difficult to use
Smartphones now make self-monitored DIY alarm & camera
security solutions easy and affordable for all

How Y-cam helps

Peace of Mind
The Y-cam system is an effective deterrent to burglars, and gives
peace of mind knowing that your home and possessions are
protected and you can check in with a camera at any
time. Whether it’s making sure your kids got home from school
ok, checking the dog isn’t up to any mischief a self-monitored
security system with video verification is a great way to get some
peace of mind.

Effective Response
If your alarm is triggered, you and /or a trusted contact* will be notified immediately so you can decide how best to respond and if you have Y-cam cameras they will start recording automatically*.

Low cost & effective
And with obvious security equipment on show such as our
outdoor camera and solar powered siren, your home will be less
of a target.

Easy to use, no tech knowledge needed
Smartphones now make self-monitored DIY alarm & camera
security solutions easy and affordable for all

*Y-cam Plus service required

Easy do-it-yourself Home Security

You don't need to be a DIY expert to install our home security system.
The sensors simply mounts with peel-and-stick tape. No nails, wires,
drilling or screws and no expensive installation charges.
1. Connect Alarm Hub
1. Connect Alarm Hub
The hub is the brains of your home security system. Just plug it into a power socket, connect to your router with the supplied Ethernet cable  and
power on.
2. Get the Y-cam App
2. Get the Y-cam App
Download the Y-cam app to your Android or iOS smartphone. Create an account and register your system. The app controls the system and also allows you to view the camera video.
3. Add Sensors, Siren & Cameras
3. Add Sensors, Siren & Cameras
Remove the battery tabs for the sensors and mount them on your doors, windows, and walls with the supplied peel-and-stick tape. Add your sensors to the your alarm system quickly with ease using the Y-cam App.
4. Try it - You're Protected!
4. Try it - You're Protected!
Check the sensors activate by setting the alarm and then moving round your home. The app will tell you which sensor has triggered the alarm. If you are a Plus Service member you will also get a phone call or SMS.

We’re there for you

If you need help at any stage of the installation of your alarm or camera, just give us  a call or use our live chat at the foot of this page.

Self-Monitored home
security couldn't be

Configure the system to suit your home
Our customers range from small rented apartment
tenants to large homeowners so we think it's best
to let our customers configure their security
system exactly to suit their needs.
You can contact our team of advisers using the 'Contact us'
pop-up below and they will help you select exactly
what you need. Alternatively you can go straight to our
online shop, select the alarm system and add any further
sensors, a siren and cameras as required. And don't
forget Y-cam Protect Plus for those additional
convenience features. There's a simple flat fee of just
£9.99 per month for any size of alarm system.

Speak to us before you buy

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to you as soon as we can.
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