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Future proof, Multi-Functional, Modular and Scalable. With MULTIEYE®-NET software version 2.2 you will get a highly professional PC- and server-based video surveillance software (NVR=Network Video Recorder) with 2 – 32 IP video channels.Website :


PC software that allows use of up to 25 cameras (webcams, camcorders, network IP cams, analog cards, or your PC desktop) controlled through Windows. Capture JPEG snapshots or capture movies in standard AVI, advanced DVR, or leading-edge Windows Media file formats.Website :


EyeSoft is known as the best IP camera software solution featuring an open source structure with hybrid support for multi-vendor CCTV cameras as well as USB Webcams, analog capture cards and IPTV streams. EyeSoft is simple to use and has an easy to manage software interface which is suitable for the home, power and enterprise user.Website :


Codestuff is the UK’s leading brand associated with innovative IP video integration. We deliver tailored video management solutions to the security industry, and offer our products to the OEM market place as well as producing our own Quorum brand. We use a “Simple Software” approach that delivers feature-rich modular products that can be used together or individually to satisfy many of the demands of the security industry.Website :


Security Monitor Pro can monitor and record from multiple cameras simultaneously using a single PC. Each camera has its own settings for sensitivity, recording, and alerts. You have full control and the flexibility to customize your system and secure the coverage area.Monitor large areas like parking lots, shops, offices, and warehouses from a single workstation. You can configure the program to record audio and video, take snaps, sound an alarm, or send email. Each camera has its own alert settings. Each camera can be set to start and stop monitoring at set times, on particular days of the week, automatically.Website :

Go 1984

The go1984 desktop client can provide you with access to live images being displayed on all your cameras from your LANs or via the Internet.Website :


i2V is a Intelligent Integrated video security software with Video Management System, built-in video Analytics and options to integrate thrid-party devices and/or applications.Website :


i-Catcher is a Digital CCTV system for security, surveillance and remote monitoring applications. It’s functionality and low cost sets a milestone in CCTV software value. i-Catcher supports a wide range of cameras, automation devices, capture cards and sensors, tailored to meet a variety of demands, exceeding the standards you’d expect from a modern digital CCTV system.Website :


Previously branded as iRecord, Azimuth is the latest and greatest version of this VMS software. The software was developed by a leading programming house and was parked after a change of direction. We have purchased the rights to it and our team has made significant changes and upgrades.Azimuth has no limit to the number of cameras, you scale the hardware to match your needs – Support for Azimuth is available with a once a year fee, no matter how many systems you are maintaining or installing. While the download for our Server / Client applications is completely free. Website :

JVSG IP Video System Design Tool

This software offers a new way to design modern video surveillance systems quickly and easy.Increase efficiency of designing systems, calculate precise camera viewing angles, check field of view and find dead zones using 2D and 3D modelling, get estimates of network bandwidth, calculate required HDD space for video archiving, load site plans from AutoCad, Visio or even Google Earth, export all data to Word, Excel or Visio.Website :


LuxRiot is a Digital Video Recording (DVR) and remote surveillance software package for Windows. LuxRiot accepts video streams from Y-cam. This along with the LuxRiot client-server architecture allows to build heterogeneous scalable solutions sizing from a single camera to the thousands of cameras.Website :

Netcam Watcher

Netcam Watcher Professional is the best value, easiest to use Digital Video Recorder for Network Cameras. If you need to keep an eye on your home or business then Netcam Watcher is the answer.Website :


NUUO PC Based NVR (IP+) is a flexible and cost-efficient solution which can manage up to 64 IP/Megapixel cameras per server. NUUO NVR adopts open platform technology supporting as many as 30 brands of IP/Megapixel cameras with more than 520 models.Website :


Sicura Systems provides professional custom software development to enable blue chip and public sector customers to realise significant competitive advantages. With a 100% record of delivering on time and to budget we go the extra mile to meet each client’s unique needs.Sicuras custom development services have repeatedly provided solutions for system integrators, installers and software suppliers in need of a custom ‘fix’ or bridge to solve an integration problem.Website :


SoleraTec’s Phoenix RSM Surveillance Video Management solution provides true Video
Lifecycle Management.Phoenix RSM provides advanced video surveillance data management including live
video capture and comprehensive video lifecycle management. Focused on the Record,
Store, and Manage aspects of a forensics-based video surveillance system, Phoenix RSM
delivers fast search and playback through multi-tiered storage.Website :

Vitamin D

Vitamin D Video detects people and moving objects in video. Our easy-to-use software brings professional-grade video monitoring to anyone with a webcam or network camera.Website :

Webcam XP

WebcamXP is a powerful webcams and network cameras monitoring, recording and streaming software for private and professional use. it offers unique features and unequaled ease of use to let you manage multiple video sources on the same computer. it is the ideal tool to secure your goods and keep an eye on them remotely from your phone or over internet.Website :





Mac Software


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EvoCam is the ultimate webcam software for Mac OS X. Use EvoCam to publish a webcam with streaming video, view and record video from network cameras and video servers, create timelapse movies, or use it as part of your home security system with its configurable motion sensors – these are just a few of the things you can do with this easy-to-use yet incredibly powerful webcam software!Website :

Security Spy

SecuritySpy is a multi-camera video surveillance application for the Macintosh. This software will enable you to set up a comprehensive and effective surveillance system quickly and easily. The motion detection feature means that you can choose to capture footage only when there is some activity to record. In addition, you can use the timelapse feature to record continuously.Website :

Vitamin D

Vitamin D Video detects people and moving objects in video. Our easy-to-use software brings professional-grade video monitoring to anyone with a webcam or network camera.Website :





iPhone Software


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Baby Monitor HD

The next generation of baby monitors! Combine this app with your Y-cam, to get an advanced Baby Monitor that allows you to monitor your baby, even when you are away from home! The program includes Video, Audio, Audio Alerts and a Night Vision mode.Website :

Go 1984

The go1984 web server has had a new interface added specifically for the iPhone. This provides you with access to live images from all the cameras on the go1984 web server for which you have the relevant access rights.Website :

iCatcher Go

i-Catcher Go can either connect to your i-Catcher CCTV software, or directly to your IP cameras. Although cameras and i-Catcher Console have thier own web interfaces the i-catcher Go application allows much faster access to your cameras.
You can stream high speed iPEG from iCatcher Console or high quality MJPEG/JPEG from a wide range of IP Cameras. IP camera support includes Axis, Sony, Mobotix, Panasonic, YCam, Elmo and various other IP cameras currently supported by i-Catcher Console.Website : : iTunes App Store

IP Vision

IP Vision allows you to see “what IP cameras see” from your iPhone or iPod touch.Be it an IP camera or a webcam (connected to a video server) in your home or office or a public camera anywhere in the world, you can watch the video or still images from anywhere provided you have a network connected iPhone/iPod.Website :


NetCam2Go is available for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch and comes with an impressive number of features for using and controlling your Y-cam — including fast and simple configuration, audio compatibility including multiple streams, connection for up to 30 cameras with extensive layout options, sensitivity control and the ability to capture pictures directly from the app, plus so much more!Website :

Total Control

Total Control offers several variations of its software allowing you to stream a single or multiple Y-cam streams to your Iphone or Ipod Touch over Wifi or Cellular Network, saving details for easy access and giving full screen viewing.Website :