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About Us

We believe few things in life are more important than protecting your home and family. We aim to provide reassurance to our customers by connecting them to the things they care about in a smart and easy way.

Smart security is all we do

Where it all began

Picture the scene. You’re on holiday. You think your home is being protected by an alarm system. Suddenly, you get an alert: the alarm is going off, but there’s nothing you can do. The neighbours won’t answer the phone, and there’s no way of checking on your house. That’s what happened to Devin Chawda back in 2005, and that in turn led to the creation of Y-cam.

Y-cam was a specific response to that event. Together with his business partner, Sheng Tang, they mapped out the solution they wanted to use for themselves. A home security system that could be accessed and controlled from anywhere in the world. “We knew straight away this was what we wanted to do, so we started developing and jumped on a flight to visit some factories”, Devin recalled. By the end of 2006, the pair of them had a prototype, and the first Y-cam security product went on sale in 2007.

Since then the company has since grown significantly and continues working towards its vision of making smart home security easy and accessible to all.

The Founders

Devin Chawda

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Devin has over ten years corporate experience in security, telecommunications and retail. He previously managed corporate development for one of London’s fastest growing mobile distributors, where he led strategic growth partnerships with Vodafone, Samsung and T-Mobile. Earlier in his career Devin invested in and led multiple niche ventures, including a US focused e-commerce platform and a UK social platform.

“I am really proud of our team’s hard work in getting us where we are today! Our biggest motivation comes from knowing everyday we are protecting families, homes and businesses around the world”

Sheng Tang

Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

Sheng has over twenty years experience in hardware distribution, consumer product manufacturing and sourcing. He previously held executive positions at a Samsung distributor within the mobile product division, where he led growth across Europe. Earlier in his career as China Country Manager for Belle Systems, Sheng accelerated growth for the billing software company achieving significant investments from Cisco and Index Ventures.

“My passion is innovation, taking complex problems and finding simple, practical and fun solutions – its what I do best!”

The Journey


“Y-cam pioneered connected cameras and its experience is obvious” – Sunday Times 2016

  • 2007

    Y-cam Solutions Ltd was established by co-founders Devin Chawda & Sheng Tang with their vision of a world in which people don’t need to worry about what happens at their properties when they’re not there

  • 2008

    After 2 years of research and development, Y-cam began selling its innovative Wi-Fi video cameras through independent resellers across the UK, receiving widespread industry acclaim

  • 2009

    The small focused camera range continues to win awards for simplicity and innovation. Y-cam was recognised as one of the first ever companies to launch dedicated smartphone apps and full Mac compatibility

  • 2010

    Y-cam developed its pioneering Yellow Video concept on traditional hosted servers, paving the way for today’s cloud-based solution

  • 2011

    A strategic partnership was formed with Vodafone who licenced the Y-cam technology platform to sell video monitoring solutions to their customer base

  • 2012

    After many years of development and improvement, HomeMonitor was launched providing the first ever cloud-based camera with 7 days free recording

  • 2013

    Y-cam HomeMonitor receives numerous industry awards, with the UK press consistently citing it as the best-in-class solution

  • 2014

    The rapidly-growing Y-cam customer base passes the 1 million video uploads per day to the Y-cam cloud platform, becoming the largest in Europe for user-created video on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • 2015

    HomeMonitor’s performance and potential leads to Y-cam closing its first external investment round, allowing the company to focus on further product development and growing its customer base through new routes to market

  • 2016

    Following the launch of the flagship Evo, Y-cam recognises that security cameras are only a part of a complete security solution, so launches Y-cam Protect together with the Y-cam Plus service. This step confirms Y-cam’s position as the leading provider of hassle-free security solutions for the mainstream consumer.