Protect Hub

Protect Hub

Nerve centre for the Alarm
System & controls sensors

Solar Outdoor Siren


Loud & bright, solar-powered intruder deterrent

Indoor Camera

Indoor Camera

Small and discreet camera for inside your home

Outdoor Camera

Outdoor Camera

Weatherproof camera for the outside of your home

Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor

Detects motion from up to 12m away with 90° FOV

Access Sensor

Access Sensor

Secure potential access points such as doors

Smart, easy-to-use home security that you control
window frame
wall frame
Door Frame
Protect Outdoor Camera
Protect Outdoor Camera
Motion activated outdoor weatherproof HD cloud security camera. Includes FREE* rolling 7 days video cloud storage. 109° field of view. Records on alarm trigger¹.
Protect Access Sensor
Protect Access Sensor
The wireless Protect Access Sensor with tamper switch secures any potential access points in your home including doors, windows, drawers or virtually anything you want to protect
Protect Motion Sensor
Protect Motion Sensor
The wireless Motion Sensor detects motion up to 12m away, has a 90 degree field of view and a tamper switch
Protect Access Sensor
Protect Access Sensor
The wireless Protect Access Sensor with tamper switch secures any potential access points in your home including doors, windows, drawers or virtually anything you want to protect
The Remote allows you to conveniently control the Y-cam Protect home security system without having to open up the app on your smartphone.
Protect Hub
Protect Hub
The Protect Hub is the central nerve centre for your Protect Alarm system and what all your sensors connect to
Protect Indoor Camera
Protect Indoor Camera
Motion activated indoor HD cloud security camera. Includes FREE* rolling 7 days video cloud storage.100° field of view. Records on alarm trigger¹.
Solar powered, tamper-proof, intruder deterrent with 104 decibel siren

A smarter security system

An affordable home alarm and camera
system​ managed from your phone.​

Build your own security

Designed around an intelligent hub so you can easily add extra sensors at any time

Security cameras

Y-cam has you covered with cameras
that integrate with our alarm system
Automatic Camera Activation

Any movement will trigger your
cameras to automatically record

If anything happens, your cameras are automatically activated1 by the alarm system to record what's happening at the scene.

SIM & Battery Backup

Stay connected during power-cuts and broadband outage

‘Dual-path’1 technology means your alarm is still connected even when your internet and mains power are down.

Free Security Video Storage

Even if cameras are damaged or stolen, the video is securely stored online

FREE 7 day video cloud storage* of Indoor and Outdoor camera footage

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Save up to
£2,300 over 5 years

Y-cam's innovative smart-alarm technology makes self-monitored alarm systems the preferred choice for home owners and tenants today.

You're no longer restricted to just an ineffective 'bells-only' alarm system or an expensive, long-term alarm monitoring contract. Y-cam Protect home security means more choice, more convenience and savings of up to £2,300 compared to a 5 year monitored alarm contract!

How it works

Deter and detect

1. Deter and detect

Alarm systems with a siren and outdoor camera are effective in deterring intruders from breaking-in in the first place!

Get alerted

2. Be alerted

Any movement at your home within range of the outdoor or indoor camera and alarm sensors will cause alerts to be immediately sent via push notifications2 to your phone. If the alarm is triggered you can even choose to receive a text message or phone call alert if you subscribe to the Y-cam Protect Plus service.

Our optional Y-cam Plus service will alert you with a phone call

Take action

3. Take action

The free Y-cam app allows you to verify alerts by checking in with your camera from wherever you are2 and take the appropriate action.

Our optional Y-cam Plus service extends your storage to 30 days

What makes Y-cam Protect, smart?

Manage and monitor your Y-cam Protect alarm system
and cameras with a single smartphone app
Automatic Camera Activation
Automatic Camera Activation
Y-cam's alarm sensors automatically activate1
a Y-cam camera to record what's happening
at the scene.
Connected Even When Your Internet Isn't
Connected Even When Your Internet Isn't
Y-cam's 'Dual Path'1 security automatically routes
alarm signals over mobile networks when the
home internet connection is down so your home
security remains active.
Always in the know
Always in the know
Receive3 SMS and phone call alarm trigger alerts1
to your smartphone and to your trusted contact
so you'll know immediately when your Y-cam
system alarm is triggered.
Secure Video Storage in the Cloud
Secure Video Storage in the Cloud
Y-cam's cameras store video safely in the
cloud when the cameras detect motion.
So even if cameras are damaged or stolen,
the video is secure online, not in the camera.

Getting more from your security system

Super-power your Y-cam security to get the most out of your Y-cam alarm and cameras.
Increased security, convenience and peace of mind from only 20p a day!
Getting more from your security system
  • Use your phone, keychain remote or even Amazon Echo to control your alarm system
  • Push alert instantly² sent to your phone when the alarm is triggered
  • View live footage and recorded clips, stored on your account for free* for 7 days
  • Automatically record when movement is detected and be instantly² notified
Y-cam Protect Limited Functionality
Standard free service included
with all Y-cam products


  • Don’t be let down when broadband drops.
    Dual-path technology keeps you connected, even when your internet is down
  • Be notified when your line is down.
    Y-cam Protect has a secure communication
    line which is monitored¹ by Y-cam’s unique
    cloud technology which notifies you whenever
    the line is down
  • SMS or Phone Call alerts³, so you’ll always know what’s happening


  • 30-day increased storage for more camera footage and alarm activity logs
  • Alarm automatically tells cameras to record when it detects intruders
  • Add unlimited cameras to your account
Y-cam Protect Plus Full Functionality
  • £9.99 per month
  • £99.99 per year
No contract required
Buy an Annual subscription to get 2 months free!

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