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Y-cam cameras are a special type of security cameras – more commonly known as IP cameras. They connect to the internet and allow you to view, and hear, whatever your camera can from anywhere in the World. They are more hi-tech than a standard webcam – able to operate without the need for a computer to be on, and giving a better picture, greater control and advanced options such as motion detection.

Commonly used for home and small business security, the Y-cam is a versatile piece of kit, and offers the following features:

Easy installation
Y-cam’s simple install process means basic installation is easy. Due to the unique way the Y-cam has been designed, you no longer have to be “tech-savvy” to install and use security cameras. The user-friendly installation procedure and intuitive web-based interface allows you to easily connect to your camera whenever and from wherever you wish.

Y-cam has taken advances in computer technologies and applied them to security cameras, enabling access to powerful new features via the internet, mobile phone and email, and at an affordable price.

High quality
Y-cam cameras are fitted with high quality lenses and image processing technology. They produce excellent video, allowing recognition and identification of subjects that have been used successfully by British Police in identifying, charging and prosecuting intruders. Y-cam also uses advanced H.264 and MPEG-4 compression technology and matched resolutions to minimise bandwidth usage and cost, as well as maximising performance.

View from anywhere
Y-cam’s internet and computer technology allows you to view your cameras from anywhere in the world via the internet. Either on PC, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android, Blackberry – from dekstop PCs, to tablets to smartphones. If it connects to the Internet, chances are you can view a Y-cam IP camera on it.

Detect motion
Y-cam can detect motion, and trigger alarms (such as an email or upload) when motion occurs. 4 different ‘zones’ can be set on the image, and sensivity adjusted independantly. Unlike conventional activity detection, the Y-cam uses vector information to detect motion, therefore achieving better reliability against false alarms.

Receive alerts when activity detected
The Y-cam can send you an email when motion is detected, and include a snapshot of the event. The alert function can also upload images to websites, save to a NAS or NVR drive, or activate recording of the event on a microSD memory card, which can then be accessed remotely just like the live video.

See in the dark with Nightvision
See up to 15 metres in pitch black darkness. Y-cam utilises infrared LEDs to provide high levels of “invisible” light in dark environments. The intelligent photosensitive components can automatically turn on the LEDs in low light conditions or the user can select “moonlight view” which superimposes frames together to increase brightness (frame integration). All our night vision cameras also include an IR cut-filter, which gives true day/night image quality, so image quality is always as good as it should be.

Wireless via WiFi
The Y-cam can connect directly to a network or the Internet, either over Wireless (802.11b/g/n) networking, or over 10/100 ethernet (network cable) connection. The Y-cam utilises encryption methods such as WEP, and even the more powerful WPA and WPA2, so you can be sure your camera will only be accessed by authorised users.

All-in-one solution that stores footage as well
Y-cam cameras can record footage to internal microSD memory card and can record footage continuously or by triggered events. Just like the live view, you can view this footage from anywhere, or download it to anywhere. Our newer cameras can use microSDs up to 64GB in size and 8GB allows you to record over 20 hours of footage at the highest quality settings, or 2,500 hours at lower quality settings (similar to most analogue CCTV systems).

Schedule automatic backup of recorded footage
Y-cam IP cameras can automatically backup stored footage to a local or remote computer for backup, redundancy and additional security should the camera itself be a victim.

Control who has access to your Y-cam
Secure password access to the Y-cam ensures no-one else can access the cameras without your authorisation. The WiFi connection is protected with WEP, WPA or WPA2 encryption for security.

Use with your Apple Mac
Compatible with Windows PCs, Macs, Linux, and professional security storage and monitoring products, Y-cam supports motion detection setup via Flash, and H.264/MPEG4 video via Quicktime, supporting Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari browsers.

View with your iPhone, Blackberry, or other Internet enabled Mobile Phones
Carry access to your Y-cam IP cameras around with you, and access them using your browser on your mobile phone, or grab a dedicated app for your phone for easy, instant access.

Blend in to your surroundings
Y-cam’s sleek and unobtrusive design allows it to blend in to the home or office, rather than stand out like a traditional security camera. With models available in multiple colours, it also means that you can get a camera to suit your surroundings.

Use them inside or outside
Our Y-cam Cube cameras are not waterproof so cannot be used outdoors – but our Bullet cameras are IP66 rated and waterproof, providing protection against the elements. The Y-cam Bullet range is ideal for outdoor installs in all weathers.

Re-use it, move it, use it again
Y-cam cameras are easy to move and re-install. So as your needs change, you can change what the camera does for you. As your baby grows up, use it to keep an eye on the kids in the garden, or broadcast family festivities to distant relatives, then use it to watch them come home from school. The Y-cam can be wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or placed on a flat surface using the supplied camera stand.

Look after several locations at the same time
View and record multiple cameras, even at different locations, at the same time! We provide basic multi-viewing software called MultiLive for PC and Mac, and for more sophisticated installs, Y-cam is compatible with a wide-range of IP camera software.

Protect your home or office whilst you’re away

View your camera from anywhere in the world via the internet, and be notified if anything happens whilst you’re out.

Check for false alarms
False alarms can be a nuisance to neighbours and the police. When your Y-cam detects motion and emails you with a picture, you can login and see what’s happening to put your mind at ease, or take the necessary action. Some Police forces will not respond to alarms if false-alarms have previously been registered.

Provide usable evidence to law enforcement agencies
The high-quality video recording from a Y-cam camera can, and has been, used by the Police to identify, track down and prosecute intruders.

Notify law enforcement of ‘crimes-in-progress’ for rapid response to break-ins
If you’ve been burgled in the past, you may be all too familiar with the likelyhood of getting your property back, or the Police being able to track down the offender. With Y-cam alert features, you will be able to notify the Police of a ‘crime-in-progress’ and receive a rapid response, which may result in keeping your property and a successful prosecution.

Protect multiple locations or office premises at the same time
Y-cam MultiLive is our free software that allows you to coordinate the view and recording of up to 36 different cameras at different locations at the same time. Y-cam cameras are also supported by leading professional software surveillance systems, and hardware video recording systems, allowing different locations from around the world to be protected centrally.

Check in on your holiday home
Check on the maintenance and upkeep of your second home, or see what the snow or weather is like for a late notice getaway.

Secure your retail premises
Protect your business from shoplifters and fraudulent transactions. Keep a central eye on multiple locations remotely, allowing you to check the health of your business. Receive an instant notification by email should motion be detected out of hours.

Look after elderly or unwell relatives
Checking on elderly or unwell relatives can often be time-consuming and a constant worry. With Y-cam you can check instantly whether relatives are in need of assistance, 24 hours a day.

Don’t keep calling the babysitter
Just take your mobile phone out with you to dinner, and keep a discreet eye on what’s happening back at home. Put your mind at rest.

Check the kids arrive home safe from school
Log in from work or on the move, and you can be safe in the knowledge your kids are home, and behaving!

Show off the new baby to friends
You can create up to 64 guests accounts with a Y-cam, so friends and family can login with their own account to view your new arrival.

Keep those special moments forever
Often in use as a baby-monitor that can see in the dark without disturbing its subject, the Y-cam will also enable you to keep hold of precious or amusing moments for the future.

Keep a concerned eye on the kids in the garden or the playroom
Use outside, even in the dark, to keep a watchful eye on what your kids are up to and how well they are behaving.

Include your distant relatives in birthday or festive celebrations
The Y-cam can be moved around and setup easily, and with audio and video enabled, theres no excuse for people to miss out on a party.

Save money on your home contents insurance
Most home contents insurance providers will provide discounts if your home is protected with a video surveillance and alert system.

Save money on your car insurance
Ask your car insurer today – how much will you save if your car is protected with a video surveillance system?

Keep an eye on the health of your pets, or that of your sofa
Watch what your pets are up to when you’re not home, and make sure there are no nasty suprises waiting for you.

Remotely monitor the recovery progress of animals
Used by farmers, animal homes and even for school pets – a Y-cam allows for everyone the World over to watch your animals.

Promote your business online
Show your customers how long your queue is, or how busy you are, or show off your main attraction – the uses are limitless.

A Y-cam has endless uses – how do you use yours?

The Y-cam can connect to most home networks via your broadband router / modem. For initial setup, you need to connect the Y-cam to your network by cable, and once it is setup, you can remove the cable and use the camera through its wireless WiFi.

The Y-cam is seperate from your computer
You don’t need your computer on to access your Y-cam – the Y-cam is basically like a mini computer on your home network, and you can login to it from anywhere in the World and view pictures live. On microSD enabled cameras, you can even watch recorded footage saved to the microSD over the internet.

The Y-cam connects to the Internet
The Y-cam cameras use your broadband connection to connect to the internet, and most broadband connections nowadays are more than ample for you to stream live video.

Connect locally on your network, or even not on a network at all!
You can use your Y-cam just on an internal network if you do not require access from the internet – maybe to monitor different parts of your premises, or as internal security cameras. Our cameras with microSD don’t even need to be connected to a network – they can record straight to memory card without having a network connection – just setup and leave to monitor an area.

Use WiFi to connect to your camera without cable
Don’t have a long network cable in your house? Use the Y-cams built-in WiFi and you can wirelessly connect to your camera without the need for a cable.

Use HomePlugs to make your electricity circuit a network
If your router is too far away from your camera for wireless to work, Y-cam cameras are fully compatible with HomePlug/Powerline connectors. These use your electricity circuit as a giant network, meaning cabling is kept to a minimum and installation is easy.

For remote locations, use 3G
Due to the way you can change the settings in the Y-cam, you can make use of its low bandwidth stream to even broadcast signals in remote locations where no broadband is available, using a 3G router.

Connect the Y-cam to a NAS or NVR
The Y-cam is compatible with industry leading surveillance NVR/NAS drives such as QNAP and Synology. Using FTP or NAS-Ready, a Y-cam can be made compatible with most NAS drives that act as an FTP server or work with the CIFS/SMB protocal, so images can be stored from the camera without the need for a PC to be on.

Login from anywhere in the World
If you set up your camera to be accessed from the internet, you can securely login from anywhere in the World. Live video is viewable across multiple platforms such as Windows and Mac, and the stream can even be viewed on phones like Android, iPhone or Blackberry.

Network Diagram of some possible Y-cam installations

Y-cam Network Diagram

Larger version (new window)

“The Bullet HD 1080 is a sturdy outdoor IP camera that boasts full HD capabilities. It comes with an extensive software interface and we found its feature-set and performance to be top-class. We have no qualms in handing this camera our much coveted Gold award.”
Vortez (Bullet HD 1080 winning Vortez Gold Award 2013)- May 2013

“Y-cam take internet based security surveillance to the next level, by introducing high-definition recording, and provides an effective security solution.”
Jason Slater Technology News, www.jasonslater.co.uk – Feb 2013

“High quality video and a versatile set of features makes these security camera highly recommend”
MacFormat Magazine – Nov 2012

“The Y-cam comes with everything you need to set it up anywhere in your home. You can set it on a table or shelf or mount it from the ceiling. It is so easy to set up. I got it set up all by myself. It was awesome.”
Scraps of my Geek Life, www.scrapsofmygeeklife.com/ – March 2012

“A seamless surveillance experience”
Computer Shopper Magazine – Nov 2011

“The Y-cam is a breeze to use and produces lovely clean footage. As a simple camera for day and night surveillance it works brilliantly… it’s well worth a look.”
PC Pro Magazine (given PC Pro Recommended Award) – April 2010

“Excellent nightvision, setup is impressively simple, and at under £200 for a motion-sensitive camera with nightvision, puts home security within everyone’s reach. The Knight is a perfect, easy-to-use standalone, security solution.”
Mac Format Magazine (given a Mac Format Choice Award) – March 2010

“This unique looking webcam offers an impressive set of features that set it apart from most cameras on the market.”
What Laptop Magazine – February 2010

“The Y-cam will earn its keep by providing extra peace of mind. One of the best wireless security cameras we have seen.”
Computer Active Magazine – January 2010

“A simple interface and lots of recording features make this camera a greay buy, whether you’re keeping an eye on the cats or securing your home. It’s a Best Buy, and our favourite security camera.”
Computer Shopper Magazine (given Computer Shopper Best Buy Award) – January 2010

“Compared with other security systems, the Y-cam is a more sensible purchase”
BBC2 Working Lunch TV Show – December 2009

“We tested home security systems and the Y-cam Black SD is the winner. This wireless IP cameras has clear nightvision and smooth video with sound for CCTV.”
Sunday Mirror Home & Holiday – September 2009

You can find more reviews and media mentions in our news blog.


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