How Y-cam Helps

Y-cam’s ongoing mission, is to be the leading solution provider of affordable and easy to use IP security camera surveillance for residential and small business customers.

In these pages, we would like to show you how you can use a Y-cam camera and why it would benefit you.

More and more customers are experiencing what Y-cam can do for them or their business. Where we can, we would like to share their stories with you.
Many are finding new ways to use or apply the technology, providing different benefits to different customers that we did not envisage when we started. It turns out there is much more that a Y-cam can do. What can yours do..?

Home & Family

Using Y-cam to protect your home, family and possessions…

Office & Small to Medium Business

Protect your office, business and it’s contents with Y-cam…

Retail Premises

How Y-cam can help Shops, Franchises, Restaurants, Hotels, Bars, Pubs, Clubs, Health Clubs, Gyms, Leisure Centres and Parks, Theatres, Stadiums, Petrol Stations…

Animal Kingdom

How Y-cam helps Kennels, Zoos, Farms, Vets, Animal Hospitals, Wildlife, Equestrian Stables & Yards, Stud Farms, Horse Owners and Pet Owners…

Government and Local Community

Y-cam protecting the people – in public buildings, libraries, museums, amenities & facilities, town centres, and neighbourhoods…

Education Facilities

Y-cam protecting Schools, Universities, Nurseries, Day-Care and Playschools…

Surgery CCTV

Healthcare Facilities

Y-cam for Hospitals, Local GP Surgeries, Dentist Surgeries, Clinics

Corporate CCTV

Corporate & Enterprise

Y-cam protects office premises, IT equipment, Patch-Rooms, Reception areas and much more…

Industrial CCTV

Industrial & Commercial

Y-cam in Warehouses, Logistics and Distribution Centres, Manufacturing Facilities, Construction and Building Sites…


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