Get advanced safety and security with home automation

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

We are huge fans of home automation. We have been involved with automation partners for a while and it has been great to experience the trend grow from strength to strength. Fortunately, a report by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) suggests that this trend has no sign of slowing down – more and more people are asking how to automate your home.

According to survey results released by the CEA, the majority of online customers are interested in home automation for the same reason.  The survey showed that a huge 62% of online consumers where primarily interested such services to increase their safety and security.

More specifically, the CEA also reported that customers are most interested by smoke alarm alerts, home invasion alerts, video monitoring and light adjustments. Add this to the advancements in home networks and our familiarity with networked devices and this seems the perfect time for home automation to succeed (given the potential for market growth).

There is room for industry growth, with just 1.7 million households indicating they currently have a home automation system installed in their residence,” said CEA’s Rhonda Daniel. “The more consumers know about home automation, the more likely they are to adopt the technology in their homes

Home automation companies are now looking at how they can ensure that these features are added to the offering. Y-cam has been working with automation companies, including Savant and Vantage, to assist them also in offering optimised security to their customers via home automation products.

To find out more about Y-cam, our home automation products and home automation in general visit our dedicated information page

Retailers predicted to lose £1 billion this Christmas

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Are you worried about your businesses security this Christmas? It is certainly something worth having at the forefront of your mind.

In “Protect your home this Christmas!” we highlighted the fact that 72% of residential burglaries traditionally occur between January and April, however it is not only homes at risk as The Centre for Retail Research recently published a study that states as much as £1 billion could be lost by retailers in the UK in the six week lead up to Christmas as a result of theft and other losses.

Surprisingly, almost half of this thievery is due to employee theft.  Don’t make the mistake of assuming that the only real adversaries are members of the public – the staff , it would seem, almost as light fingered themselves!

However, with UK retailers set to lose as much as £522 million through shoplifting, there is no doubt that security measures need to be addressed. In fact, the president Checkpoint Systems Per Levin has said:

With the right [security] solutions in store, it’s possible to reduce the threat of further losses, increase merchandise availability and reap the maximum returns during holiday season.”

This level of loss is, at least in part, avoidable with the correct security systems. You would be mad in our opinion not to look at what you currently have securing


Protect your home this Christmas!

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

You know it’s that time of year again when the weather moves from chilly to freezing, night time falls at 4pm and everyone crams themselves into the local shopping centre; however, there is always another rise that happens during this time, residential burglaries. But don’t worry, with Y-cam it is easy to get a hold of winter crime.

72% of all residential burglaries occur between January and Apr, when winter is at its worse and our houses are full to the brim with wonderful gifts from Christmas. Opportunities arise when families are away from the home and criminals are covered by the blanket of darkness the winter months supply. However it is not all doom and gloom, there are plenty of ways you can protect your home, belongings and loved ones this winter.

There are a number of actions you can take to ensure that your home is safe and secure, even simple actions like ensuring your doors, windows, garden gate/side entrance etc. are locked at all times, timed light switched and PIR sensor lights can also dramatically reduce the risk of burglary. We have created a handy top 10 home security tips, read them here,

In addition, CCTV or home monitoring is also proven to be an efficient deterrent, considerably reducing the risk of break-ins. Home security cameras or IP cameras offer the ability to record and monitor from anywhere in the world, making you feel safe and more secure while also acting as a visible deterrent.

Cameras, such as Y-cam, can offer you the insight and instant knowledge about what is happening at home from wherever you may be, with some useful features and compatibility with a huge number of 3rd party products thrown in too.

To find out more about Y-cam cameras, visit our “How Y-cam Helps Homes” at


Mac Format recommends the Y-cam Bullet HD 1080

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Not unfamiliar to a glowing review or two, our Bullet HD 1080 racks up another recommendation from the guys in the know. Our latest review comes from Mac Format, who not being strangers to our cameras jumped at the chance to test out our latest camera within their ‘Rated Ki’t section.

Here’s what they had to say about their time with the Bullet HD 1080:

Y-cam’s new IP camera offers several improvements over the last one. It’s now full HD, 1080p at 30fps. It has a faster lens and more LEDs for night operation too. This makes it great in low light conditions, although a subject that’s too close can look bleached out. Remember this when deciding on a location.

The camera can connect to your home network through Ethernet or Wi-Fi, and can record directly to a MicroSD card as well as sending video to a variety of sources. There’s even an iPhone app, too.

Summing up the experience as: “High quality video and a versatile set of features makes this security camera highly recommend” awarding us four out of five stars.

To read the full review and the other great gadgets covered this month check out Mac Format issue, 254, page 88.


Y-cam’s top 10 tips on Home Security

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

It’s quickly approached that time of the year when the clocks go forward and the dark nights have set in, so there is no better time to ensure that your home is safe. We know that home surveillance is one of the best ways to protect your property, belongings and most importantly, your family. However, there are a few other simple measures that can be implemented to prevent the possibility of a break in and ensure that your home is safe and secure.

Here’s our top  10 tips on home security:

  1. It seems a simple tip but make sure all your doors, windows, garden gate/side entrance etc. are locked at all times. Every locked door, gate or window is reducing entry points and opportunities for thieves.
  2. Your house should appear occupied at all times; try using timers to switch lights and radios on and off when you’re not at home.
  3. If the entrances to your home are dark, installing PIR sensor lighting will help as most thieves will not want to be seen trying to get in a door and will not risk trying.
  4. For extra protection to your locked doors, install 1-inch throw deadbolt locks and to improve safety for glass patio doors place a metal bar or pipe along the middle bottom track of the door slide which will stop the door being able to be forced open.
  5. Simple exterior changes can make all the difference, by trimming hedges and removing high fences you can improve natural surveillance and reduce the opportunities for the burglar to hide from view.
  6. Keep valuables out of sight, hide purses and handbags and do not leave cash lying around. If criminals cannot see anything worth stealing they most likely will not take the risk.
  7. Make sure you have your postcode and house number marked on your property with UV marker pens, this allows your items to be easily identified and burglars are worried when your property can link them to the scene of a crime.
  8. Visible burglar alarm notices are a great deterrent, so adding a sign to your garden and security surveillance warning signs on windows work perfectly. If the criminal feels there is a chance to be caught, they are more likely to move on.
  9. Neighbourhood Watch and other ‘watch’ schemes are excellent ways for communities to fight burglary; by sharing experiences and tips you can strengthen your fight against house-hold crimes.
  10. Last but not least, with the installment of an IP surveillance camera you are adding a further deterrent. Plus, in the event of a break in, your camera will be able to help identify the criminal and possibly support their capture and prosecution.

These may seem pretty simple and purely common sense but, by implementing these, you are making your home safer and much less desirable for criminals.



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