Best new security gadgets 2013

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013


USA Today reporter, Jennifer Jolly, looks into the best new security gadgets available to those who are looking to protect their homes.

It is hard to put a price tag on safety, however some of the latest security focused gadgets and gizmos may be well worth the cost to keep you in the know, no matter where you may be. Jennifer Jolly, USAToday, looks at an array of different technologies including smart cameras, home automation and technology that can connect you on-the-go.

Smart Security Cameras


Jennifer has tapped into the growing trend for Wi-Fi cameras including our easy-to-use cloud camera, HomeMonitor, within her best new security gadget round up. These cameras make it super easy to keep an eye on what’s happening at home, even when you are miles away. HomeMonitor simply connects to your Wi-Fi network and can be accessed from a PC, Mac or most mobile devices from wherever you may be. Jennifer does mention that often competitors charge for storage options, however singles out HomeMonitor for its free 7 days ‘forever free’ cloud storage: “HomeMonitor offers more free video viewing options than the rest, meaning it could save you money in the long run if you intend to pay for more video access.”

Home automation and security

Home automation can take your security to the next level; there are a huge amount of products available from keyless entries and controlled locks to thermostats and fully integrated intelligent systems however these gadgets do require investment and as Jennifer points out you could “expect to pay more than $200”.

There were a number of gadgets Jennifer pulled out as great investments to dip your toe into home automation, including the Schlage’s Keep it Keyless Deadbolt and AlarmNexia Home Intelligence home management system and Lokitron.

USAToday-NexiaNexia Home Intelligence

This is some pretty advanced stuff, however if you are looking to jump right into home automation Nexia is perfect as it offers you all your automation needs in one place. With Nexia you can tell your home what to do from thousands of miles away – open a door to visitors, control lights, thermostats and even IP cameras, like our Cube and Bullet cameras.


Like the Schlage, Lokitron is a keyless entry, however this time through your phone. You will be able to lock and un-lock your door from anywhere in the world with the tap of an app, plus our favorite feature – the ability to double check whether you’ve closed and locked the door properly when you leave!


Keep it Keyless

No chance of copied keys or broken locks, the Schlage ‘Keep it Keyless’ uses a unique 4 digit code to access your home. We love this as not only does it save you from worrying about who has a key to your house but also stops those annoying locked out moments.

Go-the-go contact and alarms

If you are looking to extend this security once you have left your house then don’t worry, USA Today have thought of everything and have included the latest personal safety and contact gadgets in the ‘best new security gadget’ round up.

Spot ConnectUSAToday-Spot Connect

Perfect for adrenaline junkies that love heading off the grid to places where your phone signal just cannot reach; it lets you connect to satellite communications to check in with your friends or call for help even when there’s not a cellphone tower in sight. It works with your existing phone for a price of $99.99 per year.

USAToday-5star5Star Urgent Response

5Star is a great option for those looking to protect more vulnerable loved ones, like an elderly person or perhaps a person with medical problems. It acts as a simple speakerphone that gives you immediate access to emergency services: just press the button and it will connect you to a 5Star agent who can tell where you are as well as access your medical history and emergency contacts.


bSafe is an app for your Android, BlackBerry, or iPhone. It is designed to help keep you safe by keeping friends and family aware of your location and alerting them if you aren’t back home within a given time frame or if you activate an alarm.


To read USA Today’s ‘best new security gadgets’ in full visit

Synology DSM 4.3 unveiled – What to expect from their new Beta launch

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Last week Y-cam attended the Synology DSM 4.3 Beta launch in Manchester at Old Trafford. We got to experience all the updates and latest features of Synology’s newest DiskStation Manager whilst highlighting our new Cube range IP cameras with their new update.

Synology launches DSM 4.3

Inviting customers, press and partners on the Thursday 4th July, Synology launched their new Beta DSM 4.3 – released today!. We, amongst the other attendees, were treated to a great day full of updates and uncoverings.

There are numerous features for both Synology and Y-cam customers to look forward to, but here are some of our favorite updates and new additions.

What to expect from Synology’s DSM 4.3?

Synology’s DSM 4.3 is set to be their best yet, with improvements in five key areas; performance reliability, productivity upgrade, business applications, multimedia show time and mobile anywhere. Here is what you can expect:

Performance Reliability


  • Offloaded data transfers – Great if you’re looking to saving precious storage space.
  • New upgrade models – Allowing you to expand as you wish which is perfect if you know you’ll want to upgrade again in the future. FYI – you always want to upgrade when you buy Synology :D.
  • Exciting SSD power – Making these machines faster and more prepared than ever before.

Productivity upgrade


  • Directory Integration – Adding Active Directory, IBM Domino LDAP, Apple Open Directory and OpenLDAP.
  • Hybrid Account Integration – Allowing you to log into you Google Mail, Drive and Hangouts all through you LDAP account.
  • Auto Recycle Bin cleaning – This might not seem exciting, however it allows you to personalise your recycle bin, automatically keeping the files you need and removing those that you don’t instantly.

Business Applications


  • New powerful cloud station – Now with sophisticated syncing and easier integration.
  • Mail server updates – Tighten security and making orgainising easier, perfect if you’re like us and always have an overflowing inbox.
  • File Station – Synology have always done file organising well, however this update cleans the process, looks better and adds in the ability to easily share your folders without creating DSM accounts.

Multimedia Show Time


  • New Customising options – Add, amend and mold you libraries, then access all of these on demand.
  • Added TV Streaming – Access all your movies and TV shows on the go from your Synology DSM and what is really cool is that your NAS will auto save where you are so you can pick up again directly on your TV.
  • Survelliance Station – Great new updates and features perfect for home security or business survallence including people tracking, time line functions and new multiscreen look.
  • Great updates to Photo Station – It has always been easy to store your photos, however Synology’s new layout takes this function to the next level. Images below.



Mobile Anywhere


  • New look all around – The function was there but now the look has updated. Adding in new list features, grouping and instant connections so you can connect to your music on the go.
  • Photo browsing updates – This was one of our favorite updates, the new photo streaming looks great.
  • Compatibility with Windows Phones – We know a few of you have been waiting for this support and here it is!
  • Mobile broadband support – This was the finale of the day and a real talking point for us. Now you can slot your 3G dongle directly into your Synology NAS, which will be a great option for Y-cam customers who want to route the camera through their NAS drive.

This new software is avalible to download today and can be downloaded here: For more pictures from the event head over to our Facebook page:

DSM 4.3 will be compatible with your Y-cam IP cameras soon so keep you eye peeled for an compatibility update.

For more information on DSM 4.3 and Synology NAS drive, visit


Competition: Win a HomeMonitor with 7 days forever free cloud storage worth £149.99

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Want to win peace-of-mind? See below how to enter our prize draw to win a brand new HomeMonitor cloud camera with 7 days ‘forever free’ secure online storage worth £149.99.

In January of this year we launched our brand new cloud camera, HomeMonitor. This new Wi-Fi camera is our simplest product to-date and has been created especially for those that are looking for the easiest method possible to monitor, record and save whatever is important to you, from any device and any location and now you can win one, completely free!


To celebrate the launch of our new, dedicated HomeMonitor website – – we are giving away one HomeMonitor. So if you are looking for super simple home security, or just an easy way to watch over your stuff, now is your chance.

Here is what you could win…

HomeMonitor offers a super simple way to watch whatever you want with everything recorded and stored securely in the cloud, free for 7 days.  Super simple to set up and use, just connect a camera, create an account and you’re away. No technical knowhow, no fiddling with router settings, you don’t even need a PC to setup. This professional quality camera even comes with infrared night vision, letting you see in the dark!

This competition is now closed

To find out when the next HomeMonitor competition is – Like our page on Facebook.

Please read our terms and conditions before entering this prize draw. To view full T & C’s please visit

Note for existing Y-cam IP camera users: HomeMonitor is not compatible with Y-cam IP cameras. Y-cam owners please feel free to join in our prize draw however please be aware that your existing cameras cannot be added to this service. If you would like to find out more about the difference between Y-cam IP camera and HomeMonitor please read:


How to burglar-proof your home – The Gadget Show best home security gadgets

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

With domestic burglaries on the rise and public interest & awareness in available technologies increasing The Gadget Show looks at the best home security gadgets to burglar-proof your home.



Protecting your home, loved ones and belongings is top priority for most people. With reports featured in the media daily and statistic proof on the rise in domestic burglaries it is not surprising that this topic is becoming increasingly more relevant.

Only published this May, the Crime Report UK showed a total of 701,000 domestic burglaries and 1,217,000 vehicle related theft took place in the UK last year; increasing from the year before. Therefore  the increasing attitude toward the necessity in home security in not surprising, however who said that you couldn’t mix gadgets with function?

New Technologies are making the home safer

With the increasing advanced computer technology and smartphones, safety features are not reserved for the future. With the growth in fast broad band connection, cloud technology, home automation and mobile connectivity through smartphones, tablets and laptops, there is a plethora of options available that will provide peace of mind.

As the home security market is growing and become more infiltrated, including items from high-tech locks to a 24/7 security team, remote monitoring cameras to automated lights and blinds all with the intention to protect your home, family and belongings, how do you choose the best option for you?

This conundrum was party addressed last night, Monday 1st July, on The Gadget Show. Who, with the help of ex con Michel Fraser, looked at the latest, affordable and easy-to-use home security products that you can simply install in your home without the help of a technician or installer.

Gadget Show top 5 ‘Home Security’ gadgets to make your home safer

Enlisting Jason Bradbury as the burglar, new presenter Rachel tries out these top 5 home security gadgets in an old fashion game of Man vs Gadget. See The Gadget Show’s review of the latest home security below.

ILA Door Wedgewedge_gadget_show

Frequent fliers, college students and anyone who is uneasy about staying solo in a hotel room needs to travel with an ila WEDGE. Jam it under a door to make it harder to open, and if an intruder tries to force entry you (and hotel staff) will be alerted with an ear-splitting alarm.

Find out more at


Mat-On-Guard Pressure Door Matmat_gadget_show

The Mat-on-Guard is perfect for door entrance at you home,  shop or office. As soon as a  visitor steps onto the mat a chime will notify you of their arrival. The Mat-on-Guard comes with a small state-of-the-art transmitter which when triggered sends a signal to the Chime unit and you connect as many chime units as you need to each Pressure Pad.

Find out more at


Pure DAB Radio Wi-Fi Camera with night visionsecuirty_5

This is a fully functional Pure DAB radio  which features a night vision Wi-Fi camera that utilises an infra-red black light to capture images up to 8m away in total darkness. This audio and video surveillance unit can be monitored from anywhere in the world.

The Wi-Fi spy camera features 640 x 480 high resolution video captures and the device is powered by mains electricity so does not rely on batteries, allowing the unit to provide continuous, uninterrupted transmission when necessary.

Find out more at


Rapid Deploy Smoke Security Unitsmoke_gadget_show

Driven by demand from the Police for a portable security smoke solution, the Rapid Deploy is a patented design unique to Concept Smoke Screen. Set up and protection is a matter of minutes. Each unit is supplied with any number of Radio Key Fobs to arm and disarm, carries advanced Dual Tech detection and is available in a robust, wheeled flight case for ease of transport. Capable of completely independent operation, the product also offers GSM signalling of all functions (including activation) to make the Rapid Deploy truly stand alone and perfect for capturing burglars unaware.

Find out more at


Y-cam Cube HD 1080Ycam_Cube_HD_1080_Gadget_Show

Small and sleek, the Gadget Show highlighted our new Cube HD 1080 IP camera for its discrete design, full 1080p HD image quality day and night and its simplicity of connection through an existing Wi-Fi connection.

Highlighting the live video and audio streaming the team used our cameras to protect the back exit of their studio from Jason’s advances due to advice from Michel Fraser that “burglars will try for the weakest point of your home (referring to the back); this is where you want to be covered with a camera”.

This high definition home security camera connects with your Pc, Mac, smartphone or tablet allowing you to see and hear your home from anywhere in the world. The tiny camera is jam-packed full of professional features including free motion detection alerts, up-to 15m night vision, H.264 compression for bandwidth friendly streaming and on-camera 64GB microSD recording – All perfect for a high quality robust security solution.

Find out more about our Cube HD 1080 at


Home security feature starts at 16:00

Watch the full The Gadget Show episode at


Understanding the ‘Internet of Things’ – How does it work?

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

If you are interested in the growing trend of ‘Connected Home’ or the buzz word ‘Internet of Things’ you may already be clued up on the market shift, however if the idea of having your life intertwined together with technology is new to you we have a few great tips to help get you started.


What does it all mean?

Connecting your ‘stuff’ to the internet has been an emerging trend for a while, we have seen the pickup of the Connected Home and Smart Home grow for a while, if you read our blog you’ll know it’s something we’re incredibly interested in, however this market has seen a sudden burst of activity which is getting everyone excited.

This growth is primarily down to three core factors:

1.       Money – It’s now cheaper than ever to design, create and develop products and software that can slot into this growing segment.
2.       We’re all wireless - The growth of Wi-Fi connections, 3G and 4G plus acceptance of mobiles have created a Wireless hub.
3.       Cloud technology – The ability to transmit and save large amounts of data makes it possible to keep people connected.

Over the last year, companies have been cropping up in all aspects of the market, including our new cloud camera HomeMonitor, and this trend is sure to continue growing. Tech Crunch produced an overview image (below) of the current market infrastructure and this is only the beginning.

Internet of things

How can I get started?

Creating your own connected home may seem a daunting task, however there are a few easy products that will help ease you in.

  • Sonos music player offers Wi-Fi speakers and a streaming playlist which can be accessed through mobile apps starting at £349.99.
  • Control your temperature with the Nest thermometer when you’re at home and when you’re away. (USA only – $249.99)
  • Why not start with a Roku streaming box at only £39.99 and have entry level media streaming.
  • See your home where ever you are with our new cloud camera, HomeMonitor (£149.99), listed by TechCrunch as a great place to start.

What does the future hold?

These are four small ways to dip your toe into the ‘Internet of Things’ and, with the growth seen over the past year, there will soon be a million of ways you can connect to your world. The space is extraordinarily exciting, however it is still rapidly evolving so we should expect to see dramatic changes over the next few months and years.

To learn more about the current offering, read TechCrunch’s article ‘Understanding the Internet of Things’:



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