Y-cam’s awarded the Silver award for home security

Posted on Tuesday, October 18th, 2011 by Victoria

The definitive source for computer hardware reviews, Hardware Look, decided it was time to take home security into their own hands and test out our Knight S IP camera. Reviewer Andrew was looking for assurance and we’re thrilled that he found it with Y-cam, awarding us their Silver Award and a whopping 8/10.

Andrew offers a fantastic in-depth review of the camera and software so it’s a great guide if you’re looking for some direct information and imagery about our cameras, however it’s also a great excuse to check out an ‘awesome gadget‘ as Andrew found out.

First thing that struck me is how cool it looked… very stylish whilst also very professional“, it was great to find out that setting up the camera was a breeze and Andrew had it up and running in about 5 minutes, quoting “it is really that ease to use!”. However, as always with us tech fanatics it’s not just about the functionality, so we were especially pleased to hear that the camera was “terrific fun to play with.”

However our cameras are more than simply a gadget and our Knight S stood up to all Hardware Look and took all the tasks these guys could have thrown at it, enabling them to happily “recommend it anyone looking for a small home security camera

You can head over to Hardware Look to read the full review, or check out our Knight S to see what the fuss is about.

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