Y-cam Bullet HD’s ProReview

Posted on Thursday, March 22nd, 2012 by Victoria

Our Bullet HD camera definitely seems to be attracting some attention with PC Pro and Mac User both impressed, now Gadget site ProReview have released their review and we’re thrilled to smash it 3 for 3.

These guys are known for checking out the latest electronics, gadgets and software every day, so it was great to hear they too were impressed with the cameras build, superior image quality and two-way audio awarding us 3.5 stars.

Reviewer, Andra, found the set up a clinch, explaining “the setup consists of simply connecting the power and Ethernet cables, or, just rely on the device’s Wi-Fi antenna, then enter the device’s IP address into a Web browser in order to see it’s video stream.”

Summing up his experience, suggesting “if you are bent on getting a hard-wearing IP surveillance camera… maybe you should check this model out

ProReview full review can be found here.


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