Y-cam Bullet HD: Is this the ultimate in home protection?

Posted on Friday, February 24th, 2012 by Victoria

Delving deep into technology, PCPlus are no strangers to network cameras, having reviewed a number in the past, and know that “low cost devices can be bought for well under £100, but lack features like night vision and weather-proofing. Low resolutions and a slow frame rate can also reduce these cameras’ usefulness,” but thankfully they found that our “Bullet HD suffers from none of these.

Reviewer Matt Hanson has looked at Y-cam before so we were chuffed to hear that he would be checking out our latest camera this time round and we were even more thrilled to hear his views, focusing on our “good picture quality, weather-proofing, night-vision mode and good quality accessories.

He really ran our camera through its paces and “on testing found it to be such a fully-featured, high quality camera [with] a handy and [the] easy to navigate web interface let’s you access the video stream from the camera remotely.” He also notes that our Bullet HD’s “smartphone-friendly version, email alerts and motion detection work well together to keep you in the loop should anything happen.

Summing up their whole experience as “a very accomplished network camera with extensive features to help you keep an eye on your property when you’re away… feature-packed and powerful, the Bullet HD is a great network camera.”

All our cameras’ details can be seen via our product listing and if you would like to read the full review please check out TechRadar, or this month’s edition of PCPlus.


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