Wi-Fi camera security tips – Remote access your Wi-Fi cameras safely

Posted on Wednesday, March 7th, 2012 by Victoria

Are you accessing your Wi-Fi camera remotely? We know that the ability to access your camera on the go is a huge advantage to many of you using our cameras; however it is also imperative that access to your camera is protected securely, so that only you and the people you authorise have access. Y-cam cameras come with security features to provide this protection against unauthorised access, and in this article we explain these and provide advice on the best security practice to ensure the best posible protection.



Locally, our cameras can operate with a secured wireless connection (Wi-Fi) and utilise encryption methods such as WEP, WPA and WPA2. If using the Wi-Fi connection, it is recommended that you enable security on your Wi-Fi Router, and setup a password that is comprised of at least eight random letters and numbers, and is not related to any personal information.

To remotely access our cameras, we offer three access levels;

  • Administrator level account: We recommend this level is used only by you as this login not only provides access to the live stream but also the camera’s full settings. This account is already setup in the camera, and it is strongly recommended to change the password immediately to one that is comprised of at least eight random letters and numbers, and is not related to any personal information.
  • User level account: This level only provides access to the camera’s live video stream; this can also be personalised for individual users. User accounts do not have access to the camera’s settings. There are no user accounts setup by default and if adding a user account, it is recommended to set a good password .
  • Anonymous access: WARNING this level allows access by anyone to the live video stream without requiring a login or password. Anonymous users do not have access to the camera’s settings and is switched off by default by Y-cam.

The setup of access levels can be found in Camera Settings – Tools – User Management

If you’re in any doubt, please follow this 4 step check:

  1. Make sure you have security enabled on your Wi-Fi network
  2. Change the password for the Admin level account
  3. Check that no user accounts are setup (default)
  4. Check that anonymous access is disabled (default)

If you have any questions regarding ensuring your camera is a secure as possible please feel to contact us anytime.


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