WiFi Baby Monitor HD update for iPhone & iPad

Posted on Thursday, October 20th, 2011 by Victoria

It’s not unknown that a number of our customers use their Y-cam as a WiFi baby monitor to watch their little ones and we know that a number of you already love Sunshine Apps’ Baby Monitor HD, so we’re thrilled to announce that they have launched version 4.1, available now for iPhone and iPad via iTunes.

Baby Monitor HD iTunes

Baby Monitor HD is already extremely popular; boasting over 2000 customers in 66 countries and an average 4-star iTunes rating to boot, so it’s not surprising parents have been anticipating the launch of their 4.1 version, adding more functionality, more compatibility and a sleeker UI.

This version has some fantastic updates including full rotation support, notification alerts on connection drop outs and the option to start-up direct to video. However this release’s  ‘big news’ is the newly intergrated background audio support, meaning parents can switch to another app and BabyMonitorHD continues to deliver audio support in the background, and, even though Sunshine Apps have it listed as experimental we are seeing excellent reports back from users.

Baby Monitor HD offers a seamless connection with Y-cam cameras and offers a multitude of features plus the ability to connect via both WiFi and 3G; perfect for those parents on the go.

Baby Monitor HD features

- 4 simultaneous live video feeds
- Secure password protected video and audio
- Audio support with sound activated alerts
- Switchable IR night vision activation
- 3x digital zoom capabilities
- Vibrate alerts
- And many more

Baby Monitor HD is available to download now, via the app store, and is fully compatible with all Y-cam current models.


*Update: If you are looking for a fantastic video baby monitor that works on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you may be interested in our very own BabyPing.

BabyPing is our WiFi Video BabyMonitor that is totally iOS compatible. It features customizable cry alerts, fantastic night vision, remote viewing and more. More information is available at

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  • R Mcbroom


    After loading this app I just get a white video stream? Is this an known issue?

    How can I fix it?



  • Y-cam Solutions Ltd

    Hi Ryan, I am really sorry to hear this – It is not an issue they I am aware of, but to ensure we resolve this I have emailed Sunshine Apps with your experience and as soon as I receive feedback from them will let you know the outcome. I hope that we can resolve this quickly for you. Thanks a lot and I hope to get back to you soon. Kind Regards

  • Kevin

    Can you get more than audio feed as well as video?  Need this to monitor 2 rooms. – K

  • Kevin

    Can you get more than audio feed as well as video? Need this to monitor 2 rooms. – KOr have it auto flip the audio every 30 seconds?

  • Y-cam Solutions Ltd

    Hi Ryan, I have just heard back from Sunshine apps and in their opinion the ‘white video screen’ sounds like a configuration issue, or a brightness issue?. They had a few questions if you could be so kind to answer… Is the audio working? does video work in safari on iphone?.

    Of course please come back to us with the answers, but you can also find answers on their support page:

    I hope we can resolve this soon for you. Thanks

  • KOD

    I have 2 of these cameras and have the Baby Monitor HD app. It works great to be able to view 2 rooms at once but is there a way to monitor the audio from both cameras simultaneously?
     Need to do this to monitor 2 babies but you have to manually switch the audio from one camera to another. Alternatively is there a way to have the app auto flip the audio from one camera to another every few seconds?

  • Y-cam Solutions Ltd

    Hi Kevin, I have heard back from Sunshine apps and their NetCam2Go product support simultaneous audio currently, and this should be considered experimental, although we’ve had good feedback about it.

    I hope that this helps. Cheers

  • KOD

    Thanks.  Yes NetCam2Go supports simultaneous audio but they really need this option on BabyMonitor HD as you can blank the screens out at night and have audio only which is a big plus. It must be an easy upgrade, so how do we get them to do it?

  • Nancy S Mitchell

    I love that you promote this app, but when I submit a ticket with a problem using this app and my Ycam, you won’t even address my problem and tell me to use your app (which also doesn’t work on my iphone).  The Ycam was the biggest waste of $300 so far.

  • Y-cam Solutions Ltd

    Nancy, I am really sorry about this. To try and resolve can I inquiry the issue
    you are experiencing? If it is with our cameras our tech team should be able to
    help with that, if it is regarding the app please visit Sunshine apps support
    . I hope that this helps, however if you are still experiencing a problem please
    contact me a social (at) and I will be more than happy to help. Thank

  • mwells2127

    After my son is born I deploy shortly after. My question is, if the camera is on him in California will I be able to monitor him from Afghanistan?

  • Y-cam Solutions Ltd

    You certainly can, all Y-cam cameras offer remote access via any internet enabled device as long as you, and the camera, have internet access. Hope this helps.

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