Thieves caught on Y-cam: BBC footage

Posted on Saturday, March 17th, 2012 by Victoria

A small cottage in Suffolk belonging to Mr. Holles, a plumber, became a target for opportunistic thieves; thankfully his Y-cam cameras were standing by and caught the whole crime taking place.

Reported by the BBC, Mr. Holles, after stepping out for a short while, experienced two passers-by had raided his garage for cable and scrap metal. However after being a victim of crime before, Mr. Holles had installed a number of Y-cam White cameras and this time he was able to capture the thieves. He has now launched an appeal for help to try and catch them.

It is reported that the thieves took off with approximately £300 worth of equipment, leaving Mr. Holles revelling in the “impertinence of people” and that they would just enter “someone’s place and help themselves to your property.” However, the silver lining was that this feeling was “mitigated by the feeling of empowerment as we can see who it was and hopefully identify them.”

To read the full report and watch the live footage please head over to BBC News website.

  • Anonymous

    When you are the victim of crime, one of the worst things is that feeling of being victimised, and if you have no recourse to justice, the feeling only gets worse. Therefore one of the best statements to come out of this story is the one that Mr Holles made about being “empowered” by the use of CCTV. That’s the angle that we chose to focus on in our story at –

  • Y-cam Solutions Ltd

    Thanks for sharing your article, you’ve hit the nail on the
    head; we’re thrilled that Mr Holles was able to feel some sense of mitigation
    because of his installation. We just hope that this can be carried though at
    the criminals are caught and justice can be served. 

  • Pete

    Excellent footage….I noticed his time and date was at the bottom of the screen. I can’t seem to do that with mine. What’s the trick?

  • Y-cam Solutions Ltd

    Hey Pete, the time stamp is created by a third party software. A compatible software that works we with our cameras is iSpy, and it can be purched from
    . It can put the time stamp pretty much anywhere and even alter the colour. I hope this helps.

  • Chris

    Anyone know what his exact setup was?.
    ie. was it motion activated.  I would like to do the same but motion activated video would mean the SD card would get filled up very quickly with genuine motion. ie when he left it would have recorded him also.  I am wondering if he was using ftp but videos liek this would be very big. perhaps these are still image/frames.


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