The next step in home security : SecurityHD

Posted on Friday, November 11th, 2011 by Victoria

The world seems to have gone HD mad; TVs, cameras, phones, Blu-rays, DVDs, tablets… the list goes on – but what about your home security? As more and more people invest in home monitoring solutions how will HD change the market?

Until now, external HD solutions only seemed to be available to those with those with the largest security budgets, with some high definition solutions priced into the thousands. This made it extremely easy for the home security market to dismiss the possibility of the application of true HD cameras, especially one with an abundance of features.

However, with on-going developments (and a lot of hard work), HD security is becoming much more realistic for home applications thanks to the advancement of camera technology; making it much easier and more affordable to gain access to high quality, true HD security cameras systems.

These developments now mean that there are many more possibilities available to Y-cam. We are now a able to offer customers the ability to see clearer, further and in more detail than ever before, ensuring that users are safe in the knowledge that no matter what’s happening, footage is being recorded in trueHD quality, providing facial recognition, minute detail pick-up and the ability to read number plates; all this as well as being simple to use, connecting to your existing networks and compatible with your owned technology.

Therefore, whether looking to protect your store, home, office, restaurant or even your garden, HD will be a viable option in the near future

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