Smart home monitoring with Y-cam

Posted on Friday, February 10th, 2012 by Victoria

Home security is one of those things that mean something different to each individual person. From advance locks and neighborhood watch groups to alarms or monitoring cameras, everyone has their own preferences. Any additional precaution implemented is a step in the right direction in ensuring your home, belongs and (most importantly) family is safe and secure so you can continue your day worry free.

At Y-cam this is our main priority therefore it is fantastic to see our products doing what they were intended for, getting used innovatively to make a real difference to real people’s lives.

This is shown by one customer’s residential application. Mr.Kimber and his family were feeling vulnerable where it is most crucial to feel secure:  at home. Since he is situated within a remote location, with a number of exposed entry points, Steve Kimber decided to take action.

Not being shy to technology he knew what he needed and how he wanted it to work. He needed something simple to install with remote live viewing, activity alerts and that would fit within his existing ‘Smart Home’, something all us tech fanatics want to achieve.

This was when Steve was introduced to Y-cam. The Kimber family now have three Y-cam Bullet cameras monitoring their homes exterior and driveway. The cameras slot seamlessly into his existing security measures, including a code protected driveway gate. Additionally they offer him and his family the kind of connectivity and interoperability he wanted with all cameras accessible on iPhones & mobile tablets.

“We like to use the cameras to see who is at the gate on the iPad”

With the help of Y-cam Steve and his family are safe in the knowledge that no-one can enter their home exterior without them knowing; total protection 24/7.

And now, it is even easier to install your own security system. Our newest camera, the HomeMonitor, is perfect if you care about your belongings and need a security system that is ready to use in seconds. HomeMonitor is so simple to install and use that is suitable for anyone – it just works!

Read the Kimber’s full story online here, get more on HomeMonitor here or for more information on Y-cam and how others are securing their homes continuing reading here.


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