Seeing is believeing – What happens when you’re not around?

Posted on Monday, July 2nd, 2012 by Victoria

A recent article in the press highlighted an occurrence where a member of the public caught some strange goings-on in his back garden in the form of a mysterious elderly woman. So have you ever wondered what happened when you weren’t around?

We’ve got a few customers that utilise Y-cam cameras not simply for security but to capture events they would have usually missed; like wonderful wildlife in their gardens or the kids playing whilst they’re at work. Of course, there is also the chance to capture something completely out of the blue, like the mysterious wanderer.

With the use of IP camera technology, you can now be at your home even when you’re not. Accessing the camera’s footage from any internet device, like your smartphone, and having the camera record when motion is detected to a microSD card. So you’ve got the power to capture some never before seen footage, or at least something you would have previously missed.

Continue reading what some of our customers have caught on their Y-cam camera’s at or if you to want to have an eye on your home visit our product page.


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