Scraps of my Geek Life – Knight SD Review

Posted on Tuesday, March 27th, 2012 by Victoria

Michele from Scraps of my Geek Life is all about enhancing life with technology and, as a mum of four, she definitely knows what it is like to have your hands full, so it was lucky that our Knight SD swooped in to the rescue.

Calling all practical parents, our camera seems to have solved some of Michele’s long standing issues and concerns by providing her with the peace of mind that her kids are safe when playing in the yard, having a sleep over and even while she’s a work.

Our Knight SD had a great reception at the McGraw house; Michele’s review camera hit the doormat at the perfect time and we are thrilled that she found the set up a doddle:

The Y-cam comes with everything you need to set it up anywhere in your home. You can set it on a table or shelf or mount it from the ceiling. It is so easy to set up. I got it set up all by myself and just in time too. My husband and I were both sick one day and the kids wanted to be outside. It was awesome.”

Michele loved many of the camera’s features, including the “really good” picture quality, even at night; the camera’s easy set-up and the ability to check in on the camera via her iPhone. However, it was the possibilities Michele fell in love with:

Since I can use my iPhone to check on the Y-cam, I plan to use this when we go on vacation and leave our home in the care of house sitters or to be sure the animals are not destroying the house while we are gone. There are so many ways I plan to use the Y-cam. I love the versatility.

You can read Michele’s full review on her site now at


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