Safe & Sound: Y-cam lends a supportive hand

Posted on Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 by Victoria

We pride ourselves on being able to help our customers, especially those in vulnerable situations, being able to offer peace of mind and comfort is a real inspiration. Last month we published two customer stories which were both heart-warming and inspiring; we are following this up with our latest case study with another residential application, Mr. Jones, who requires his cameras to bring comfort to himself and his family.

After a devastating blow, Mr Jones’ mother was diagnosed with dementia, leaving her vulnerable and her family scared to leave her alone. Mr Jones explains their concerns:

Society tends to want to keep people in their own home as long as they can, which I couldn’t agree more with, but when I am asleep at night, who is there to watch? With dementia, she can be put to bed at 9pm and up again at 11pm wandering around for the rest of the night.”

Acting as any loving relative would, Mark set about amending his circumstances so that he could care for his mother as much as possible. He made alterations to his daily life, including moving his office to his mother’s house, so that he could keep in close contact and to support these efforts he installed a number of Y-cam cameras to help fill in any ‘alone time’ between family and carers.

With Y-cam I can enjoy an evening at home by having the knowledge that I can keep a track of my mum as well. I can flick from camera to camera with ease and keep an eye on her whereabouts, just in case she has a fall or something similar. I’m only 5 miles down the road and this provides me with the extra security.”

However, it is not just Mr Jones who has benefitted from this, as his family have access to the cameras and even his mother gains some relief herself, Mr Jones explains, “it’s peace of mind from both ways. Every day I remind her that the cameras are there and if she needs anything just wave and I can call.

This solution is working wonders for Mr Jones and his family, fulfilling their requirements and never jeopardising the safety of his mother.

If you wish to know more about Mr Jones application please read the full story available here.


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