Royal Wedding “Live from Westminster Abbey” with Y-cam

Posted on Friday, April 1st, 2011 by James

Didn’t receive your invite? Well don’t panic! As we will be there as your eyes and ears – well, our cameras will!  Watch this years must-see celebrity wedding, LIVE from Westminster Abbey with Y-cam!

Dreams do come true, for Kate, and for Y-cam. Being a proud UK business, we were thrilled to “get the call” from Kate herself asking us to be involved in her wedding, and indeed the wedding of the Century!

Kate and William are apparently “big fans” of Y-cam, regularly using them for checking in on their elderly relatives from their iPhones, so when thinking about capturing their magic moment, there was only one company for them to approach.

Y-cam will be discreetly installing a number of IP cameras throughout Westminster Abbey and will be streaming them live through our dedicated microsite – ensuring that viewers have the best seat in the house! Viewers will also have the opportunity to shout their well wishes to the happy couple via the Y-cam Bullets 2-way audio function, allowing you to get up close and personal with the Royals – just be sure to keep quiet when the Archbishop asks if there are any objections to the wedding!

To commemorate this momentous occasion, Y-cam will be producing a “Limited Edition” version of our award winning Bullet – reissued especially as Y-cam Bullet Royale.  The camera comes loaded with all the functionality of our traditional Bullet; but has the added feature of playing “The Wedding March” whenever it detects motion.

We are utterly thrilled that Wills and Kate are getting hitched under the watchful eye of Y-cam, and we hope our Bullet Royale camera certainly does them and the event justice” commented Lirpa Loof, Product Manager for Y-cam Solutions, “William has even been in touch to get some other Y-cam models for his personal use, he mentioned something about the wedding night, so we hope he gets all the footage he wants.

Orders are being taken now for the Y-cam Bullet Royale, and interested customers should contact Lirpa Loof at

More Infomation

Y-cam Bullet Range

If there’s anyone here who knows of a reason these two should not be joined
  • Bentley

    YOU CRAZY PEOPLE! You didn’t fool me for a second. Plays The Wedding March on motion? Ha! But, if you got thousands of orders for this would you actually make one? I’ll have to ask “Lirpa Loof” if she is available any time other than April 1st…

  • Y-cam Solutions Ltd

    Hi Bentley, Thank for your comment, shame we couldn’t fool you : ) Glad you liked the joke though, and I’ll check in with Lirpa, see if she is free.


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