The After Effects: How the High Street is coping after the riots

Posted on Monday, November 7th, 2011 by Victoria

It was not that long ago when the news was flooded with awful stories regarding the riots and emotions were at an all-time high. However, now we are reading about the full effects these acts had on the retail industry and the figures are alarming.

The August riots caused retailers to seriously look at their security; with over 2,500 shops and businesses in total targeted and currently costing over £133 million, there is a definite need to address their security requirements.

Let us look at the numbers; a survey was conducted on just 27% of the retail industry and within that small representation the facts were shocking:

Of the 27% asked, over 900 stores were targeted – 163 affected by theft and burglaries, 187 suffered damage and 7 were affected by arson. This meant that over 11,000 members of staff were affected and 7,600 hours were lost. Therefore, considering the percentage size of this survey against the overall market affected, the full stats are set to be considerably higher.

What’s in-store for the future?

Now that the riots are over and the dust is beginning to settle, how are retailers preparing themselves and their security for the future?

High Street Business, the voice of UK independents, looks into the High Street: the next step in high street regeneration. With previous events, it’s not surprising that security is one of their hot topics; understanding that effective security measures will be crucial. The article pulls recommendations from experts across the sector, including our very own CEO, Devin Chawda, to give their views and advice for independent retailers to help combat past issues and provide  opportunities to move forward.

The article is full of crucial advice, however our message is simple – to ensure optimum security, guaranteed evidence and a connected and integrated security system retailers should focus their attention on “systems that are easily manageable both locally and remotely but still at an affordable cost.

Simple steps, such as quality security, will allow retailers to have the power to act should events like the riots happen again as well as working toward the bigger picture, to help restore the high street to its former glory.

If you wish to know more about how Y-cam can help retailers please check out our dedicated retail microsite containing industry reviews, product information and downloadable case studies.


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