Home Automation: The growing trend

Posted on Wednesday, February 29th, 2012 by Victoria

Home automation has been around for a while but with Google’s Android@Home home automation platform announced last year, Channel 4’s new ‘Home of the Future’ programming, advances in technology, decreases in costs and 100 other things we predict that this trend is about to explode, but what does this mean for you guys?

If you are looking to control all aspects of your life in one simple and easy method, saving you precious time by equipping your house with the options that streamline your daily tasks, what could be easier than doing this through mobile devices you already own?

As more and more become accustomed to intuitive technology and controlling homes through devices, many will begin to catch on to how easily home automation can be integrated into their routine; saving time, money, improving their home’s décor and, of course, security.

The possibilities are pretty much limitless, if you can dream it then it can be done; from running your bath on the way home from work, automatically opening your curtains and having your coffee ready in in the morning, to centeralising all your movies, music and documents so they can be accessed from anywhere at the touch of a button. It’s hard to imagine where this trend will go.

However, we see security as a key aspect for customers upgrading their homes as an automated system can act as a central hub for all security preventions including alarms, entry points, access codes and monitoring solutions. Customers can now implement all of these without having to worry about constant supervision.

We aim to ensure that Y-cam is compatible with many home automation service provides to make sure any transisions are as smooth as possible, this started last year with Y-cam joining Savant’s ‘Partners in Exerlence’. Keep your eyes peeled for more information from Y-cam on home automation and all those awesome bits of compatible tech to help streamline your life.

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