Great gadgets for LatchKey kids

Posted on Wednesday, August 29th, 2012 by Victoria

With the end of the school holidays looming just around the corner, families will be preparing to send their kids back to school. With that in mind, this week Mashable covered some great gadgets for latchkey kids looking at safety and parents’ peace of mind.

Looking at some amazing new technology from kid–friendly mobiles to smart door locks, their list offers some great ways to keep an eye when you are not around. Please see Mashable’s gadgets below.

1. Nexia Schlage Home Security Kit

This lock system is great for family homes as it comes with the incredibly useful ability to unlock doors wirelessly; perfect for when teenagers forget their keys, plus it can also notify you, via text or email, when they enter or leave the house.

2. Lok8u nu.m8+

This is pretty special, designed specially to locate children, this digital watch lets you find your child anywhere from your mobile or computer. Showing the child’s location as an icon on Google Maps, only an authorized person can remove the device so if the watch is removed or deactivated by someone else, you’ll get an emergency alert.

3. TV Timer Bob

Every parent worries that when the kids get home they zone out in front of the TV and forget to get on with their homework; with TV Timer Bob you can program the amount of time your children can be coach potatoes. TV Timer Bob can plug into TVs, games consoles and computers so you can set the allowance and hope that when they switch off they open up their text books.

4. Just5 Cellphone

This phone is perfect if you want your kid to be able to contact you but not run up those scary text messaging bills. It has a built-in, free-to-use “Personal Emergency Response System” so at the touch of a button, it will automatically call pre-set emergency contacts so you know your child will always be able to call you if they need to.

In addition to these great gadgets, what about having eyes in your home, access when you’re at work and alerts when you elder children get home? You can with an IP camera. By using features such as motion detection, which when placed viewing your front door will instantly email you when your child returns home from school and with real-time remote viewing from anywhere, via the internet or mobile phones, you can be rest assured that your child is safe and sound.

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