BRC Retail crime survey

Posted on Thursday, February 9th, 2012 by Victoria

Last year retail crime cost retailers £1.4 billion, which has increased by a huge 31% on the year before. However, the growth in crime is reducing as more retailers invest in security; seeing the number or employee and customer thefts fall. This appears to be great news but retailers should not rest on their laurels as crime continues to play a huge part in their everyday lives, especially as individual acts are costing them more.

The survey conducted by the British Retail Consortium, published this January, reports that the average cost per incident has risen by 17% from £847 to £989; it is becoming increasingly more evident that the need to tighten security is still paramount.

The British Retail Consortium director general, Steven Robertson, comments:

“Retailers have made significant investments to protect their staff, stock and premises from opportunistic crime. The falling number of many types of crime is testament to the sector’s own efforts.”

This is true for elements such as customer theft where, possibly due to precautions, it has fallen by 19%. This is not evident, however, with the increase in robberies, criminal damage and violence; retailers, now more than ever, need to ensure they are taking the correct precautions.

The survey also reviews the August riots and how the effects are still being felt, highlighting how important it is for these crimes to be understood and ensure that retail crime prevention remains high on people’s agendas.

To read the British Retail Consortium full survey on Retail crime for 2011, please visit BRC online. For more information on retail crime and how the riots affected the high street, continue reading ‘The After Effects: How the High Street is coping after the riots’, or to find out how Y-cam could help you and your business. see ‘How Y-cam helps Retail’.


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