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Posted on Thursday, October 27th, 2011 by Victoria

OK, we are almost getting bashful now; our stream of positive reviews keep flowing and we are just happy to be riding high and it doesn’t seem to be able to get much higher for our EyeBall as we’ve just received yet another glowing review by IT Reviews.

IT Reviews offers a fantastic and in-depth review of our camera; with hints, images and advice, it’s a great read for our current users looking to get the most out of their EyeBall camera and new users who are looking into a “hassle-free solution” for their security.

Paul Leister, IT Review journalist, commented that he was “impressed by the clarity of the image” and found the camera’s ability to cope with dimly lit environments “far more effective than many similarly priced rivals.” Offering a fantastic overall verdict:

The Y-cam Eyeball certainly fulfils its promise of providing a hassle-free solution for home and small business users with a tidy design, effective viewing software and a wide range of settings for those who want to fine tune control. Though it might take a little while to adjust the device for optimum performance, it would certainly offer peace of mind for those concerned about physical security.”

We could not be happier with the response this camera has had with reviewers and customers alike and if you would like to find out a little more about our versatile camera please see our EyeBall’s dedicated page, read IT Review’s full review or see what others have been saying.


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