2012: The year of the network camera

Posted on Friday, March 2nd, 2012 by Victoria

Our favourite security industry source, info4security, wrote a fantastic piece on their predictions and trends for CCTV within 2012. IP has seen a steady growth for a while; advances in technology and availability have made sure of this, but as 2012 gets under way all research highlights that this is to be the year of the network camera.

2012 is a huge year for the UK, especially with the Olympics kicking off in the summer. There will be a huge number of visitors heading into the UK and security will be at an all-time high. However trends show that it is not just these large events migrating over to IP; a surge in smaller installations is also predicted.

Mr.Doyle writes “over the next two-to-three years we’ll certainly see a tipping point in the UK whereby the majority of specifiers and installers will be looking towards using IP technology

With IP solutions now becoming superior to analogue a definite shift in technology is emerging, the coverage reports that IP CCTV and monitoring is growing by approximately 30% each year, whilst analogue is continuing to decline.

If you are looking to step into CCTV, whether for your home or business, IP certainly appears to be way forward. For more information on how IP differs from analogue solutions see our “How to choose” guide,  or to read more of Mr.Doyles and info4securities prediction continue reading “The Networker: IP surveillance takes centre stage in 2012”


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