Y-cam Christmas Opening Hours

Friday, December 12th, 2014


Christmas is on its way, so we’re looking forward to having a much needed break for a few days – we hope you are too! With only a few days left to go we have been working very hard to make sure everything is prepared and in order,  including ensuring that you all get your goods on time and know how to reach us over Christmas.

The Y-cam office will be closed from Wednesday 24th December until Friday 2nd January 2015. Customer Support will not be available on December 25th-28th and January 1st, and will be email only support from 24th December until 2nd January.

Online Shop orders

For pre-Christmas delivery we advise you to order before the following dates:

  • US – Wednesday 17th (Ground Shipping), UPS Next Day Air available until Tuesday 23rd
  • UK – Monday 22nd (Standard Shipping)
  • Europe – Wednesday 17th (Standard Shipping)

Any orders placed on our online shops after Monday 22nd will not be despatched until Monday 5th January 2014. You will receive despatch emails as soon as your order is processed.

Reseller Sales & Orders

  • UK – Last despatch 23rd. Deliveries will be fulfilled as per UPS availability. Orders will be processed over the Christmas break but no despatch until January 5th.
  • US – Orders will be processed over the Christmas break, and despatch/deliveries will be operating as per UPS availability

Needless to say, we hope you all have a fantastic time over the Christmas holidays, and from all the Y-cam family, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

Y-cam Cube and Bullet now compatible with Control4 home automation

Friday, November 28th, 2014

Our fantastic Cube and Bullet IP cameras are now compatible with Control4 home automation systems

Control4 Home Automation comaptible IP cameras

HouseLogix has recently released drivers to make our Cube and Bullet HD 720 and 1080 2nd Generation cameras compatible with Control4 home automation systems.

Control4 offers the ultimate home automation solution by making the products and systems you already have and use everyday, work together. By integrating everything from lighting control, music, home theater, climate control, and security, you can control your home from iOS devices as well as Android smartphones and tablets.

The beauty of the Control4 home automation is that you can create personalized experiences that enhance your life and provide added comfort, savings, convenience, and peace of mind, all from an easy to use interface inside or even outside your home.

The new driver allows manipulation of:

  • LED
  • OSD (On Screen Display)
  • Infrared lights
  • Black and White mode
  • Moonlight mode
  • Privacy mode

You can find the driver for download over at the HouseLogix website.


Y-cam Bullet HD 1080 (2nd Gen) wins Vortez Gold Award

Monday, November 24th, 2014

Hardware review site Vortez gives the lowdown on our latest Y-cam Bullet HD 1080 camera and gives it a gold thumbs up!

Y-cam Bullet HD 1080 2nd Gen review by Vortez

Hardware review website Vortez have got to grips with our latest Bullet HD 1080 camera and given it the coveted Vortez Gold Award.

Reviewer David Mitchelson said “Y-Cam has clearly gone away and carefully thought about what improvements could be made to an already excellent product. In the 2nd generation Bullet we have a much more sleek and elegant design which will better compliment any property it is attached to. Y-Cam has also trimmed down the size and yet the quality hasn’t come at a compromise.”

Y-cam Bullet HD 1080 2nd Gen review by Vortez

“The Bullet HD 1080 (2nd Generation) will set you back £300 / $420 – which is quite a hefty sum, especially if you need two units. But with all things considered, this camera is extremely capable and its feature-set is likely to outshine many of its counter-parts.”

David concluded that “Y-Cam has made some key improvements to an already exceptional product and we’re left in no doubt of this 2nd Generation of Bullet HD 1080’s capabilities. It has a strong lineup of features and will satisfy those in the market for a high-end surveillance unit.

Y-cam Bullet HD 1080 2nd Gen review by Vortez

You can read the full lowdown and analysis of the YCBLHD8 model over on the Vortez website.


BBC “Caught Red Handed” shows how HomeMonitor stopped office burglar

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

BBC TV series “Caught Red Handed” visits Y-cam HomeMonitor customer Andy Price to learn how his setup stopped a burglar in his tracks


Andy Price, Managing Director of Watford-based IT recruitment company ITSS Recruitment, decided to install a HomeMonitor cloud recording camera after falling victim to a burglary which resulted in expensive equipment being stolen from his office. His remarkable story prompted BBC One TV series “Caught Red Handed” to visit him and find out what happened next.

This is more than a standard CCTV system…

“In the first incident, one of our computers was stolen, and with a £1500 value plus the time and work lost, spending money on a security camera seemed like a no-brainer. The reason I bought the HomeMonitor camera was because of its free remote access and recording facility, which meant no one can get the footage, even if they damaged the camera.”

Instant alert to his mobile phone

While sitting at home one evening watching television, Andy received an alert from his HomeMonitor camera to notify him that there was motion in the office. When he logged onto the HomeMonitor app, he saw a burglary live in progress, with an unidentified person having broken in to his premises and in the process of stealing his valuable equipment.

Andy said: “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! Here I was watching the crime being committed live as if I was in the same room. I knew I had to contact the police and tell them there was a crime taking place at that very moment. Actually seeing it happening in front of me was unnerving, but I felt more empowered knowing I could do something about it.”

Watching his every move on camera

“Within 4 minutes of the call being made to us, we had officers at the building; surrounding the building,” said Detective Constable Julie Vint from Hertfordshire Constabulary. Outside, Andy has arrived onsite and allowed the Police to watch live pictures of the burglary taking place from his device.

“Andy’s gadgets have made this job for us, you’re there and you can see the person there, and you’re thinking “we’re gonna get him, we’re gonna get him!” commented DC Vint. After making a futile escape attempt, the office burglar was apprehended by officers.

“We got back all our computers and equipment he tried to steal” said Andy, “The Y-cam HomeMonitor does everything I want it to do”.


Better than CCTV

Police later found out that the suspect was also responsible for the previous break-in, as well as another burglary in the area. The burglar received a sentence of 2 years in prison.

“It’s all very well having CCTV, but often this only helps the next morning when you visit your office to find it empty, but Andy has it straight to his mobile phone, and because of that, we were there within minutes.” commented DC Vint.

But it’s Andy and his staff who are most appreciative for the Y-cam HomeMonitor system; “I can’t be more grateful for it, £150, and we caught the guy red handed”.

How to protect your office

Protect your own business with a HomeMonitor cloud camera – no need for technical experts, install yourself, and easily protect your business out of hours. HomeMonitor cameras start from just £129.99. Buy Now.


HomeMonitor launches its Kindle Fire App – download now

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Control your HomeMonitor cameras from anywhere using the free HomeMonitor app for Kindle Fire

HomeMonitor for Amazon Kindle

HomeMonitor is the latest product from Y-cam; an easy to install cloud camera that is focused on ease of use, accessibility across multiple devices and platforms, and most importantly, offering all customers free storage of their clips on secure internet servers at no extra cost. This 7 day rolling recording storage stores unlimited clips, securely offsite away from your property, and allows users to access, view and download from any internet connected device.

Unlike Y-cam IP cameras (such as our successful Cube, Bullet, and Knight models), HomeMonitor cameras work automatically out of the box with our dedicated cloud server, meaning that there is no need to configure the camera across your network to access the internet, worrying about IP or network settings, and remote viewing is as easy as logging in to your account.

Available in three models, Indoor (our entry-level VGA camera), HD (our best-selling HD camera) and HD Pro (an outdoor weatherproof camera delivering outstanding HD), all of the HomeMonitor cameras come with night vision and Wi-Fi, and include our unique 7 days free rolling cloud storage for all your clips in your secure personal account.

Already available on an extensive range of platforms including PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows Phone and Roku media streaming players, the surge of Kindle ownership now allows us to reach an even wider range of users.

Now available to download, HomeMonitor for Kindle Fire mirrors the features available from the HomeMonitor web dashboard, allowing users to control their cameras and settings from anywhere. Users can either watch live footage or an archive of recorded clips – these clips being recorded when movement is detected. Users of the app can also get alerts on their Kindle whenever motion is detected.

HomeMonitor for Kindle Fire is available to download now or search HomeMonitor on Amazon App Store.



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