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About Y-cam Solutions

Y-cam is not just another manufacturer of Internet cameras…

Here at Y-cam we go beyond just simply selling a range of products to our customers. We were founded on a core vision, to provide all residential and small business customers with a simple way to stay in control of what happens at their property and with their loved ones. This vision still affects everything we do today.

Founders Story

In 2005 I was abroad on holiday when I received an automated phone call informing me that my home burglar alarm had been triggered. I had no idea what was really going on, and my first thought was that someone had entered my home and could still be in there!

I was unable to contact my neighbours and it would take my parents over 45 minutes drive there to check. I had no real evidence to suggest to the police that there was a burglary in progress so despite being instantly alerted, I still felt pretty helpless.

Thankfully it turned out to be a false alarm. I remember the relief being instant, but the experience stayed with me for some time. I realised it wasn’t very useful just being told there was a problem – I needed to see and hear the problem (or at least know there wasn’t a problem!). I looked into what remote camera solutions were available in the market, but everything seemed far too complicated or expensive for the average consumer. With many recent developments in technology and increasing broadband availability, I thought there has to be an easier way…

I teamed up with my business partner and co-founder, Sheng Tang, and after many months of research and development we created the Y-cam internet camera – simply designed from the start with non-technical users in mind – and in 2007 we officially launched Y-cam to the public.

Devin Chawda, Co-Founder of Y-cam

Y-cam: The Company

Y-cam Solutions delivers simple and affordable products to help you keep an eye on your home and loved ones. We ensure that each individual member of the Y-cam team is aligned with our vision, and this helps fuel our constant improvement and innovation – making certain that every product we release reflects our goal to make the Y-cam range accessible to all residential and small business customers.

Y-cam is not just about hardware. Our software is regularly updated, as is our firmware, which is constantly being developed with refinements and improvements. We believe heavily in inter-operability, an area in which we are pioneers, and all our products are PC and Mac compatible.

About Y-cam Solutions

As a small dynamic team, we have the ability to react and respond quickly to market demand, doing away with inefficient large corporation bureaucracy. Our customers’ needs are our main focus, and we take great pride in our ongoing company initiative “Y-cam is listening” where we maintain multiple channels of communication between ourselves and our customers. We listen to all customer feedback and criticism and believe that this is vital to us reaching our goal.

These qualities are what makes Y-cam Solutions unique, and ultimately helps us to deliver improved products and solutions to our customers.

The response this generates from customers is overwhelming. We have received stories of how Y-cam has added real value to people’s lives, giving them assurance or peace of mind. These testimonials motivate us, and drive the passion to make our vision a reality. We draw our inspiration from being able to create a product that real people want, and how we can help change their lives, and this helps us move towards our ultimate goal – providing real solutions to real problems.

About Y-cam


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